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Certain people didn't like Rose's idea of gathering the links at the bottom. Something about a quest of discovery when exploring this page. Well, to them I say,


No, just kidding. Really, I just wanted to say that the page is exactly back the way it was before. Only different. (Because I don't remember where everything was.)

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(Otherwise known as "Rose learned how to do cgi forms!!")

We haven't quite gotten everything put together to put on our page yet, and you know what? It's been a looooooong time since we put this up. You see, we're really busy. And, collectively, we're all lazy. So, we don't now when anything is going to get up. But for now, we'll introduce ourselves to you.

HEY! you say, But I liked those descriptions of yourself. Where'd they go? (Click here to find out.)

There are three of us (Jos, Rose, and Luc) and we're a bunch of weirdos that have finally found a home on the web ...

We're each in the process of writing up new descriptions of ourselves. Right now, Rose is the only one who has one up ... (Mainly, because she just came up with the idea, and it's Thanksgiving, so I don't think many other people will be online, eagerly reading their mail. In other words, Jos and Dot don't know that I'm doing this, yet.)

They still don't, I guess, because it's been a few days and no one has added to the page, but Josephine says:

Wanna see something cute?

Well, my name is Rose. Rose Mercedes Woods. And I have a webpage. It's a nice webpage, you see. I like it. I have 8 email addresses. I only use six of them regularly, but they all exist for a specific purpose. (One of them is in existance JUST to annoy Dot ... 2FlvIceesYum@xoommail.com YES, I DO KNOW THAT BOTH FLAVORS OF ICEE ARE EQUALLY ENJOYABLE IN TASTE. Dot will swear to you that red icees are better, but don't believe her.)

Oh, one thing about the three of us, we're pretty bizarre. And to find out just how bizarre we are, go read our Epic Tale!

Let's see ... What else? I love the Newboys. The three of us who own this webpage plus Dot's sister went to a Newsboys concert a couple weeks ago. OOO!! I just had a good idea. We could put up pictures of the trip, if ever I figure out my scanner ... I love all music in general. I love DCTalk's new CD, too, and I LOVE REBECCA ST. JAMES'S NEW CD! For some reason, I didn't like it when I first got it, but I listened to it some more, and I do.

I think that you might find the links to those on our links page. Where is it you ask? Hmmmmmm, I don't know ... WHOO HOO!! LINKS!

I was in debate. My debate partner and I competed in 5 debates and WE WON ALL OF THEM!!! But since I'm a senior, I won't be able to do any more debate. *SNIFF* My last debate was Tuesday (Nov. 24). It's sad.

Oh, yes, I'm a senior. I almost forgot to mention that. What do I do in my spare time? What spare time? BWAHAHA!!! It seems like I'm always running around somewhere. Well, let's see ...

I took over job as student director because the one in our last musical was doing a shabby job. (Don't tell her I said that.) I was also prop manager, and I did lights a little, too. We did Guys and Dolls, in case you were wondering. It was really funny. I'm also in tae kwon do. I have been for four and a half years. I am a first degree black belt now. I'm (hopefully) going to compete in the AAU Nationals in July sometime. I'm all excited for that. (I'm lying, I don't get excited for a few months, but I should at least PRETEND to be excited.)

Time for a new paragraph. That one was getting a little long. I work at a computer store, but I just clean. Hopefully, I'm going to start working on making webpages. I also play piano for chorus. What else? I tutor a fourth grader in math, because he's advanced for his age. I give piano lessons to a second grader. I help with the preschool Sunday School class. Geesh. And I don't even like little kids.

We play lazer tag. The three of us do. Except a certain SOMEONE doesn't think she needs to buy her OWN SET and MOOCHES OFF of OTHER PEOPLE with MULTIPLE SETS. (*cough* It's the one of us that rhymes with "Cot") (HAHA!! I'll bet she didn't realize that she rhymed with "Cot.") Anyway, in the midst of these lazer tag games (among other things we do), we say some pretty weird things. To see JUST what they are, go to the quote page. Guess correctly who said each one of these and win a prize!

BTW, I (that's Rose) like Nicolas Cage, enjoy Bruce Willis, and absolutely DESPISE Matt Damon. And Dot, being the sensitive soul she is, made this.

And I, in retalition, and to show my true feelings, made this.

Well, I think I've talked long enough. Rose, signing off ...

Okay, so here's the deal. We're using our Guestbook as a Message board, also. You can do one of three things:

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  3. Do both

If you sign it as a guestbook, your entry will stay. If you sign it as an addition to the messages, your entry will be moved to the Old Messages file at some point. So, you decide. Go now:

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Well, now that you have that done, you've got a lot of time left since our page isn't very big! Here's another idea: Go over to Rose's WebPage. And if you like jokes, go the Jokes Page Rose created!! It won an award, even. *GASP*! Also, be sure to sign the guestbook! Thank you. :)

OH! All of you! Be sure to stop over at Lucy's Page!!! And be sure to enjoy your evening, as well.:)

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