The results are in!!!

First place goes to Marissa who answered 26.5 of them correctly. Second Place goes to David who got 13.5. And third place goes to Al who got 13. Congratulations!!! Special recognition goes to Al, who was the only one (other than the person that actually *said* it) that answered the "Celery" quote correctly.


1. "You will divorce and marry another man named Jack." -Joanna

2. "There is nothing wrong with an 18 year old curling up with his blanket and watching spider man." -Dave

3. "You could pull him out and pet him." -Al

4. "I just hand vaccuumed this carpet!" -Julia

5. "It's more than just a scrunchy, it's a hair tie." -Al

6. "Nicholas Cage is married to his wife." -Sami

7. "If you fall and kill yourself, your parents will never let you do anything with me again!" -Mandy

8. "Geez O Pete!" -Paul

9. "I did *NOT* say that!!" -Mandy

10. "Well built." -Joanna

11. "Where am I?" -Marissa

12. "Pardon?" "Eh?" -Sami and Mandy

13. "Are you gonna feed us?" -Sami

14. "I do not look at people's butt's." -Joanna

15. "It's not like I declared my love for him in the form of a five part musical!" -Sami

16. "John Lennon!" (Accompanied by snorting) -Joanna

17. "Smooth" (With hand motion) -Al

18. "Straws don't go good up the nose." -Joanna

19. "By the way, I snore like a pig." -Joanna

20. "Tommy Hilfiger was arrested for stealing hot dog buns." -Julia

21. "WAY TO BE SUBTLE, JOS!!!" -Sami

22. "Seasons Greetings..." "SHUT UP!" -Joanna and Sami

23. "No. That's what would happen. No." -Mandy

24. "I think that I should major in computer science and minor in..... PEST CONTROL!" -Sami

25. "Bare hands. That's all you need to cause needless violence." -Sami

26. "You have to be stealthy." -Sami

27. "VOMIT ME!!!" -Sami

28. "I've always loved celery. *crunch* *crunch* It's really good. *crunch* *crunch*" -Marissa

29. "But I like that!" -Sami

30. "Dan, Dan, he's my man!" -Marissa