Here We Are

First, we'll introduce MadLucy, short for Madeline Lucille Hanson, or, as we call her, Luc. She is no longer obsessed with Hanson, nor does she even listen to them anymore. In fact, just the other day, she destroyed all of her Hanson posters. Wow. Yes. All that is left to get rid of, are the CDs and the piano book. Then, Lucy will be Hanson-free. (geesh, I talk about it like it's a cult, or something!) She even deleted her Hanson page. Wow. What an amazing thing. *applaud*

Anyway. Her name is "Dot". And Lucy, still. Just, Lucy Elanore Moderates. Call me whatever you choose. Just nothing smutty. If you would like to Email me about this drastic life-style change, feel free to!!!

OK. I'm sure that you'd like to know why I made that DRAAAASSSSTIC desicion. Well. OK. It's simple. Secular music tends to draw you away from God. It's not like, I only listen to BACH, now, I listen to Jars of Clay, MICHAEL W. SMITH...Rebecca St. James, Newsboys, dcTalk, and a lot of other folks, but, I try to steer away from the secular music. Anyway. I'm going to make a "Dot's homepage" to replace my Lucy's Hanson page, but I won't do that now. It'll be done before someday. :)

Now there's Josephine (she won't let us tell you her last name, but as a hint: Think Titanic/Jack/Rose's stage last name/It starts with a "D"/It ends with an "N"/There's "AWSO" in the middle.), or, as we call her, Jos. She's 17 and she's also homeschooled. She's the least wacky of us, but sometimes we can coax her into being strange. :)

Her interests are Titanic, swimming, and music (she plays the violin and piano, and wants to learn the guitar and the drums.)

Last, there's Rose. Rose would be the one who is writing the code for this whole page and typing, and she's having a bit of a problem talking about herself in third person. :) My last name is Woods. :P So there, Jos. I'm not embarrassed to say my last name. Anyway, Rose is a computer buff, but that's not her obsession. Her obsessions include (among other things): Tiger Woods and NICOLAS CAGE!! I enjoy his acting style. :) (BTW, Rose is also 17) Oh, and before you ask, *yes*. I *do* dislike Matt Damon.