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Are You: Red Blue Both flavors of Icee are equally enjoyable.

Where would you rather go for vacation? Bahamas Kentucky

Which is better: Dust Door WHAT?

Why did you choose that one?

If you had to choose between giving a very important speech in front of thousands of people or let a hairy spider crawl all over you for ten minutes you would choose: Speech Spider

For a million dollars, would you let a live, hairy tarantula crawl into and out of your mouth?Yes No

Why do I keep asking about hairy spiders?

Who said this: "Turn down the radio so that we can smell it!" Dot The President Rose Rose's brother

Which do you like more? Coffee Cappuchino

Do you like Tastations (a hard chocolate candy from Hershey's)?

Did you understand the significance of the last question?

Would you like to come to the emergency room with us?

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