June 14, 1998


I had to send Dave the cat home. He missed everyone there.

Since we were somwhat in the area, we dicided to go to London. We had already been there, but we had forgotten to do somthing.

Of course I seemed to be the only one that thought this was a good idea. Everybody was whining. "Why do we have to do this?" "It's a stupid idea!" "We'll get run over!" "I hate the Beatles!" "We had to come back here for this?"

I somehow talked them into taking a picture like the one on a Beatle's album where they are crossing a street. It would have taken five minutes if there had been no complaining. But people heard the noise and a crowd was starting to gather. Somone must have heard the "I hate the Beatles" comment, because there were angry shouts from a yard down the street. Someone practically preaching about how great the Beatles are.

Anyway, I got my picture. Lucy, Tay, Rose, and Zac in the cross walk. Pouting. Kodak moment.

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