June 24, 1998


Well, after that lovely Kodak moment, we all went to Paris.

It was soooooooooo cool. Ike was probably enjoying it a bit too much. Taylor told me that Ike told Taylor, "This is a cool place. I mean, this is the kind of place where Love Stories are written."

Ahem. I didn't want to say anything, because I didn't know if Tay was trying to say something to me, or if Ike was still stuck on Jos.

First, we split up into groups. Jos, Rose, and Lucy went to look around, while Taylor, Isaa*c*, and Zac went to look around somewhere else. We agreed to meet later that night at the Inn we were staying at.

Jos, Rose, and Lucy stopped at a lovely outdoor cafe/bakery and had some delicate pastries and lovely French beverage. The cafe was amazing. It was very...quaint. They had little tables and chairs with wire backs. There were geraniums in pots all around the place. People were there, chatting. Rose, Jos, and Lucy didn't know what the people were saying, but they didn't care. They were having too much fun. Lucy noticed a poor lady in the park across the road who was selling roses for food. So, Lucy bought some food, and went over and got a rose. In Lucy's opinion, it was the prettiest rose she'd ever seen.

The poor lady couldn't thank her enough.

After that, they went to look at the Arcs de Triomphe. Since it was dusk, they were lit up, and looked absolutely beautiful.

They then went to the hotel, to wait patiently for Ike, Tay, and Zac.

Ike, Tay, and Zac were having a bit of trouble. They were lost. Completely lost. They couldn't even see the Eiffel Towel from where they were. Zac was sure tht they had wandered into Germany.

"You know, " said Zac "what if...what if we *never* find our way back to Paris? *sigh* Ike, you know...Josephine would never be happy again. And Lucy...she'd be freakish until she died. No. She'd make a web site that commemorated us. Not us. Mostly Taylor"

"SHUT UP!!!!" shouted Taylor. "We are going to find the inn. sheesh. We're in a town. We'll just...ask for help."

"Oh," said Zac, "and you know French?"

"A bit."

"Yeah, 'Bonjour'."

"Shut up."

At this point, Lucy had gone to bed, because she couldn't keep her eyes open, Rose had turned on a TV in the lobby so she could watch the Masters, and Jos just sat there. Waiting. Not doing anything.

"Come on...we'll just go up to the person who works here, ask 'em for directio....OH!!! HI!!!!!!!" said Ike. "I take it that this is the right place?" He smiled.

"Yes." said Jos, in an annoyed tone. "and why did you take so long?"

"We let Zac lead us." said Taylor.

Jos didn't need to ask another question.

The next morning, there was a slight disagreement over whether they'd go sightseeing, or go to Moscow. (Isaac, Rose, Zac and Jos were the ones who wanted to go to Moscow)

Finally, everyone agreed to stay in Paris. Isaac, Jos, Rose, and Zac really didn't want to, but they did. So those four all just decided that Taylor and Lucy could go sightsee and they'd just stay at the Inn and rest....after all....the constant time zone changes were really starting to take their toll.

Anyway....Taylor and Lucy first went to the Eiffel Tower. They just looked at it for a while. And then, they took a walk through some amazing parts of Paris. Over the Seine River, (which, I might add, was one of the most beautiful things that either of them had ever seen) through a flower park, (that was Lucy's idea), and finally, stopping at the cafe/bakery where Lucy had eaten with Rose and Jos earlier that day. This time, there was a group of people watching some French people perform some traditional songs and dances. It was great.

Before they started back to the Inn, Tay bought Lucy a little Eiffel Tower paper wieght, because she saw one, and laughed. (watch "Sabrina", with Harrison Ford....You'll know why)

On the way back to the Inn, They decided to take a short cut. A boat ride, on the Seine. Lucy was speechless for the entire ride. The houses on the side of the river.....the gardens....the people....the quietness....it was just amazing. So.....peaceful. Quiet. She loved it. Taylor wasn't speechless, but he didn't say anything just because he knew that Lucy wouldn't say anything.

When they got back to the hotel, everyone else had left to go get some food. So, they thought that they'd just sit outside and wait for the others. So, that's what they did. Just sat out in the garden, talked, and waited. Talked and waited. Talked and waited. After about 2 hours of talking and waiting, Lucy was like, "Taylor, you wait for 'em. I'm going to go to bed." He said ok. So, Lucy went up to her room, and there, sitting in the living room, was Isaac, Rose, Jos, and Zac....all of them muching. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! When did you get here?" she asked. "Oh, about an hour ago." said Zac, "You and Taylor were so engrossed in your conversation, you didn't notice us."

Rose laughed. "And the funny thing is, how couldn't you notice us? Zac was shouting, Jos was singing "Crazy Times"(what else?), Ike was yelling at Zac to stop shouting, and I kept falling."

"Oh." said Lucy. "Well, I'd better go tell Tay that you're back, so he won't be waiting out there all night."

So, Lucy went out to the garden where Tay was, and was just starting to say something, when she realized that he'd fallen asleep. She debated about whether she should wake him up, or just let him sleep. She decided to let him sleep.

When Lucy went back into the Inn, She told the other guys that he was asleep. Zac was like, "He is?!?!?!? Oh, COOL!!" Then he ran away.

"Ummmmm...that didn't sound too good." said Jos. "Why was Zac so happy that Tay was asle....." Jos was interrupted by shouting. "ZAAAAAACCCCCC!!!! YOU MORON!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rose, Jos, Lucy, and Isaac all ran outside to see what was wrong and to prevent and murders from taking place. Taylor was standng right next to the chair where he had been sleeping, absolutely soaking. Zac was standing about 3 feet away from him with an empty bucket.

No one needed to say anything. Everyone knew what had happened.

After everyone took their turn shouting at Zac, and Zac had finished laughing, they all went to bed.

Actually, they had only yelled at Zac because they felt compelled to. They weren't mad at him. (except Taylor, who was a bit ticked) They were mostly yelling so they wouldn't start laughing.

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