June 9, 1998


Once in Peru, the six all thought that skiing sounded good. Not in Peru, but in the Alps. Switzerland. Lucy wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea, beacuse of previous skiing mishaps. But, since Tay wanted to with a passion, she reluctatly agreed.

So, they all ended up in Switzerland. First thing they did, was go someplace and buy some cozy clothing. Then, they all went to the place where they'd get instructed on the basics, and then they'd hit the slopes.

Right off, Rose and Isaac knew that it'd be great. Rose rather liked the ski instructor, Doug Douglas. He said to call him Yuri. And Isaac thought that the assistant wasn't too bad. Her name was Ali. Well...once they learned the basics, they thought that they'd try a small hill, just to get started on. Zac was a natural. So was Jos. They were so good at it. And they loved it. Taylor and Lucy were both rather klutzy, and they decided that they'd probably stay on the bunny hill all day. Rose and Isaac were pretty ok, just competing with eachother to see who really was best. After Jos and Zac got bored with the bunny hill, they thought that it'd be fun to "move on" to a harder one. Isaac and Rose did just because....and because the instructors were at the other hill. Taylor and Lucy happily stayed at the bunny hill.

On the way to another slope, Zac told Jos that Rose and Ike were love freaks....Ike going for anyone cute, and Rose going for anyone named Doug. He said that he sincerily hoped that it was just a whim...nothing lasting.

Ike and Rose thought just the opposite.

Ike was having a great time with Ali, and Rose was enjoying pretending that she wasn't the greatest skier, just so she could be with Yuri. Then, Ike decided that he didn't really appreciate how Rose was talking and acting around Yuri. He was thinking, "Hm.....in New York City, she was like, almost flirting with me...and I noticed that she's been lookin' at me ever kinda strange ever since Australia. And...I kinda like her, too. I hope that she doesn't get attached to that guy too much." Rose was thinking the same thing, only in reverse, "I thought that Ike liked me, but he seems rather thrilled with Ali...*sigh* I liked him...." Then, they both decided to become "attached to" their preffered ski instructor, just to see what the other one would do. Well, Rose handled it the best. She just thought, "That's fine...that's fine...I'll be around Ike for the next...4 years...after we leave this place, Ali will forget that Isaac even exists...unless...unless he takes her....but, he wouldn't do that, would he?" Isaac was very mad. He was thinking, "But...but...hey, I liked her!!!! She was great! Sheesh. I'm going to forget Ali and talk to Rose."

He was a bit too nervous to do that, though. What would he say? "I like you...dump that guy"? No. That wouldn't work. He thought, "I'm not going to let her get *too* carried away by some guy who looks like he's been on Baywatch and who just so happens to have a nifty accent, and who happens to drive a Mercedes Benz. I like her too much to let her get carried away by this guy who she's know for not even 24 hours." Isaac was...although he hated to admit it...rather jealous.

Later on, meeting at the lodge for cocoa, Lucy and Taylor noticed a bit of tension. Er, make that a LOT of tension. Ike and Rose weren't having their usual chats about movies and marshmallow peeps. Something was wrong. So, they thought that it might help to have to two of them be alone. Maybe. So, they did something where they knew that Rose and Ike would be alone to talk things out. They suggested that they go outside and have a belching contest. Zac was outside in a heartbeat. I mean, COME ON! Why stay inside when there is belching to be done! And Jos followed because things were akward inside. They knew that this would work, since Ike can't burp very good, and Rose finds it revolting. So....Taylor, Lucy, Zac, and Jos went outside.

"Well," said Ike, "Have you had a good time?"

"Yes." replied Rose...probably a bit colder than usual. "Yuri has really helped me out."

Isaac about threw up. He suddenly created a hatred toward Yuri. "I see, " He said, "Did he help you in skiing or flirting?"

"WHAT?!?!?!" Cried Rose.

"Oh come *on* Rose." replied Ike, "Do you think that I didn't notice the way you've been throwing yourself at him all day? It's...well.....it bugs me."

Rose about fell on the floor, after all, she knew that Ike might of liked her a bit, but not enough to confront her about needless flirting. "It bugs you? I mean, well, I only really did it because it bugged me how much you were throwing yourself at Ali."

"Uh," said Ike, "I only did that really...uh...well, this is kinda weird, but, I only did it to make you jealous. I swear. I mean, she's cute, but I dont actually *like* like her. Just...well, she's like Lucy. She's a nice person, but she's always in her own little world. Not that I have a problem with Lucy...it's just that, I like a person like you. Down to earth, but, y'know, kinda dreams a bit. Just not enough to bug a person."

At this point, Rose about fell on the floor again. She was speechless. (I swear, I *will* *not* break into song) Absolutely speechless. She'd never heard Isaac talk like this to *anyone*. No one. Ever. And...well...frankly, she kinda agreed, Taking a deep breath, she said, "I'm sorry. I know that I was a bit off the deep end, going for Yuri. I have to agree with you. Seriously. I mean, Yuri was too much like Taylor. Not that Tay's bad or anything, I just think that, well, frankly, he's not my type. So...how 'bout this. How about we try not to act unnatural just for the sake of making someone jealous. Let's just take life how it goes. If realationships come, that's fine. If they go, that's fine too. Let's just try to stay friends...and not kill eachother." Isaac thought that that souded great. Before either of them could say anything else, they heard a scream from outside. It was Lucy. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, "ZACHARY WALKER HANSON!!! THAT'S DISGUSTING!!! IF YOU COULDN'T BURP, JUST SAY SOMETHING!!! NO NEED TO TRY TO BUPR *SO* HARD THAT YOU *PEUK*!!!!!!!!!!" Zac was trying so hard to beat a belch of Taylor's, that he ended up peuking up his cheese soup. "Zac!" Yelled Tay, "Was that *totally* necessary? I don't think so. It wasn't. Now you can't ski the rest of the day." Zac was ticked. Partly because Taylor beat him belching, partly because he just threw up, and mostly because he couldn't ski the rest of the day. So, he just sat in the lodge and moped.

Meanwhile, Lucy was finally starting to master the bunny hill, when Jos carreened into her. And to finish it off, Taylor couldn't stop on his way down, and he fell on top of them. So, the three of them were taken to the nurse's office. Here's the Med. report. Jos=bruise on left elbow, scrape on right cheeck, and twisted wrist. Lucy=2 broken fingers, and a sprained ankle. Taylor=broken wrist and bloody nose.

They all were absolutely thrilled to join Zac moping. Actually, they didn't mope. Jos watched the TV that they had there. They were having an X-Files fest. Taylor was trying to play pinball one handed. (he actually didn't do too bad) and Lucy just sat and watched the other skiers while she enjoyed some curly fries, onion rings, and a cheeseburger.

After about another hour of skiing, Rose and Ike thought that they'd stop for the day. So, the 6 all walked, (some limped) to a hotel. The closest one, happened to be a world renowned fancy place. They got the 2 rooms, found their rooms, and slept for nearly 12 hours.

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