June 7, 1998


After realizing that there was no easy solution, Rose, Jos, Lucy, Taylor, Zac, and Isaac decided that they'd better agree on something because they didn't want to waste any of the 5 years. So, Rose thought of something rather logical. Lucy could stay in Hawaii with Ike and Tay, and she, Jos, and Zac would all go to London. And, they'd all meet in Peru the next afternoon. (well, there'd be some time lapse of when they got there...time zones again. :) "One thing," said Isaac, "Are you sure you want Zac?" "What's wrong with him?" asked Jos. "Oh, nothing...nothing..." said Ike, "See ya tomorrow."

So, with a snap of Your Fingers, Rose, Jos, and Zac all ended up in London. The first thing that they did was go see Stonehenge. It was very fascinating. Until Jos remembered that they left Dave in Hawaii meowing about tuna. "Jos," said Zac, "he's a cat. He'll be fine. And I don't think that Taylor will let him die. Tay's a cat freak. He's got a cat, Mama. And besides...I'd rather not have to deal with a cat while walking around London. Are you guys done looking at this yet?" Jos was comforted by the fact that Dave was with a cat lover, but she was annoyed by the way Zac dismissed the subject. Jos is very sensitive when it comes to cats...hers escpecially. "Rose," Jos whispered, so Zac couldn't hear (or so she thought), "Why did Zac come with us, since he hates site seeing and stuff like that?" "Well, Jos" answered Rose (whispering), "I think he just can't stand being in the same place for too long." "Actually, no." Said Zac "I just thought that being in Hawaii, y'know, "paradise" with Tay would be bad." "Why?" asked Jos. Zac smirked, "Because....he's a bit romant....uh...how do I put this....I don't know....he likes Lu...uh..no....I'm not supposed to tell you that.....I don't know. I just wanted to get away for a bit. See what it'd be like to travel with out those two."

Meanwhile.....while Rose and Jos were getting ideas because Zac tends to say stuff that he shouldn't, the other 3 were getting very hot. "Hey, guys..." said Ike, "wanna try surfing? I bet we'll stink, but it'd be fun." The other 2 agreed that it'd be a fun experience. So, after putting Dave in taylor's hotel room with some fish and a litter box, they went up to the place where you learn the basics and rent your board. On the way, they noticed that they were being followed by a freakish looking woman. So, they decided to maybe try to loose here by walking around in a circle. Nope. She persisted to follow. Finally, getting a bit annoyed by her, Lucy turned around and said, "Ma'am, do you have a problem with us?" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" screamed the woman. "Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! It's you!" Then she ran.

"Well..that was nice." said Tay. "Weird." was all that Lucy could say. She was still a bit offended that the lady had screamed in her face. And man, did that lady ever need some Listerine. Turning to see what Ike thought of the whole incedent, Taylor noticed that Isaac was in his own little world. And Taylor didn't have a clue as to why. Ike was usually pretty grounded. "Ike, Helllooooooooo!" shouted Tay..trying to get his attention. "Let's not surf" said Ike....still kinda dreamy, "Let's go to that restaurant." "Whatever." replied Tay. "Lucy, are you ok with that?" "sure." she agreed.

So..........one they arrived at a restaurant, (Aunt Lotta's Pina Colada's and More!), they were immediately seated and all agreed on the specialty. Ham glazed in tropical saucy stuff. It was good.

"Maaaaaaaaannnnnn. Do we *hafta* go in *there*?" Whined Zac. "YES!" Screamed Rose and Jos. "And for the third time. It'll be nice. It's Buckingham Palace, so be decent and behave yourself. No burping out the alphabet, no screaming for no reason, no counting tiles on the floor....out loud, at least. Just be *normal*" "Sheesh." Said Zac. "I should've stayed in Hawaii. They're probably at a Luau or something cool."

Well, where Tay, Lucy, and Ike was at wasn't excatly a Luau, but it was fun. Someone would walk up to tables and give desserts away if you could guess how many kids he had and stuff like that. He didn't have any kids. He gave you dessert anyway. And..it was just fun. No real reason. It just was. After dinner, they got an invitation to a dance thingy. None of them had any better ideas, so...dancing it would be. They had a blast. What happened, they weren't really invited to a dance. They were just asked to stick around the restaurant for a bit after dinner because they always cleared away all the tables and danced. Neither Ike, Taylor, nor Lucy had a clue as to how to hula. This guy came up to them and said, "It's simple...just pretend that your using a hula hoop with out the hoop." This put an odd picture into Lucy's mind and so she declined his invitation to dance for a while. After about an hour of hula dancing, the whole place changed moods. They put up a disco ball, and turned on what they called, "disco". Hee, hee. It was "MMMBop". Well, Lucy couldn't help herself. She had to dance. Or at least, move. Ike and Tay soon joined in. They weren't toally hip on dancing to "MMMBop", but they did to humor Lucy.:) After dancing to other tunes that they were rather accustomed to until about midnight, the 3 thought that they should head back to the hotel.

Jos and Rose were about to kill Zac. He wasn't being bad...it was no different than from when Lucy found out that they'd won passes to Hanson's concert. It's just that...Zac was a bit louder. And they didn't know him well enough to know that every 4 hours or so, he had to run or do *something* physical. They just thought that he was being annoying on purpose. "Zac," said Rose, "we are going to go on *1* more tour...can't you handle that?" "NO!!!!" He yelled. "I want to RUN or something. Not just look at old castles." "And Zacy," said Jos..."we're not even gong to give you the chance to ask. No, you may not choose the tour guide. 'Muldoon' was so weird, I hate to think of who else you mght choose."

So, Jos and Rose decided that this castle was the best. Although, the tour guide wasn't too good. She whispered. So, they hadn't clue as to what they wre looking at. The castle was great, though. Jos decided that she wanted to get married there. Rose thought that it was a rather enchanting place. Zac thought that it looked like the other 5 they had looked at earlier.

The next morning, Taylor, Isaac, and Lucy all had something rather strange for breakfast. Then, they went for one more walk by the waterfall, and then...PERU!

Rose, Jos and Zac were all a bit nervous when they arrived in Peru. They didn't have a clue as to where they were. "Uh, guys," said Zac, "Did we say *where* in Peru we were going to meet? I mean, there is a lot of Peru. How are we going to find 3 people?" Rose didn't say anything, but she had thought the same thing. But then, Jos had an idea. "I know! Let's use Your Fingers and want to end up next to Ike, Tay, and Luc!" So, in a snap they six were reunited. "ISAAC...." yelled Jos "TAKE YOUR BROTHER, NOW!" She smiled.

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