June 2, 1998


At the hotel, Zac and Isaac were telling Taylor how dumb he was for not thinking that no one would recognize them in Australia ... after all ... didn't he remember that HUGE crowd last time they played there?

Well, Jos decided that she had seen enough of Australia if that was how it was going to be. Isaac and Taylor repeatedly kept saying "We are SO sorry about that. We really didn't think about that." And Zac just sat there saying "I'm hungry. All I've eaten in the last 2 days is some nasty airline so-called chocolate milk. I need food." Then, the group realized that they hadn't eaten in a while, so, everyone decided that Israeli food sounded kinda cool, but, then Rose reminded everyone that there is political unrest there, and they probably wouldn't make it out alive. The food choice was then changed to Hawaii. A place none of them had ever been. So, with a snap of "U.R.Fingers", they all ended up in paradise. It was beautiful. Right in front of them was a picturesque (is that spelled right?) waterfall. Everyone forgot about food. Except Zac. And we all know that he's not one to keep his opinion quiet. "You guys!!! I thought that we came here to eat! Yeah, the waterfall is nice, but can we sight see *after* we eat?"

We all ate some tropical stuff that actually tasted quite good.

After dinner, The 6 split up. Zac and Lucy wanted to go to some of the souvenier shops, just to see what was there. Isaac and Taylor wanter to go see an ancient thing, and Rose and Jos just wanted to sip Shirley Temples at a cafe on the beach.

They agreed to meet at the cafe at 8 that night.

Lucy and Zac had quite an interseting experince. At the first store, Zac knoced over a glass vase, so he had to buy it. At the second store, Lucy tried to open a bottle of orchid water so she could smell it, but instead managed to spill it everywhere...so, she went up to the shopkeeper, and started to apologize, and got out some cash, and then she noticed who the shopkeeper was. It was the mean security guy from Radio City Music Hall!!!! So, Lucy just handed him the cash and left quickly. But, she was still too slow. They guy recognized her. "YOU! What in the heck are you doing in Hawaii?!??!" He shouted. "Uh, sight seeing and eating...why do you ask?" replied Lucy. "GET OUT OF MY STORE...NOW!" He screamed. Lucy didn't argue. In fact, she wondered why he stopped her from leaving in the first place. "Man," said Zac "I think that guy has problems...why was he so mad at you anyway?" So, Lucy reminded Zac about the incedent at RCMH. It turns out, that the guy was at his last day of being a guard at RCMH, then he was going to retire to Hawaii and have a nice little store.

After that, Lucy and Zac decided that they had had enough shopping. They thought that it'd be cool to go rollerbladeing on one of the paths that led to the waterfall that they had seen earlier. So, they went off to a rental place, and rented some rollerblades for the day.

Meanwhile, Rose and Jos were enjoying themselves immensley, just chatting over Shirley Temples. "Hey, Jos" said Rose, "Where do you think we should go after this?" "ROSE!!" cried Jos, "We just got here! This place is paradise! And you wonder where we want to go? I want to stay here!!!! This place is perfect!" "Yeah," agreed Rose "I guess I'm getting a bit premature...sorry. By the way, did you notice that surfer person? He keeps looking at us. It's weird."

"Mmmmrrrrrrrroooooooooowwwwwwwww" "DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried Jos. "DAVE! Oh you sweet kitty! How'd you get here? Oh, why am I asking you? You can't talk. Oh you sweet little guy!!"

After relizing how terribly boring ancient things were, Isaac said that he was a bit dehydrated, and Taylor said that he wanted to run, or do *something* physical. Rollerblading would be cool. So, he rented a pair of blades, and took off onto a path, leaving Isaac to go find some form of liquid. Isaac walked for a bit, and then found a little cafe by the beach. "Oh, hi!" Ike said when he walked into the cafe. Rose and Jos were a bit surprised to see him. "Uh, I thought you were with Taylor? What happened. did he fall off of a cliff?" Asked Rose. "No, he and I decided that the ancient things that we were looking at were boring, so he rented some rollerblades, and I came here becuase I was thirsty." replied Ike. So, the three had a rather enjoyable time watching people on the beach and chatting about many things.

Meanwhile...............Lucy and Zac had gotten to the top of a "mountain" (try "big hill") where the waterfall started and thought that it'd be nice to sit for a little while before the trip back down. While they were sitting there, they heard something that sounded like a werid bird or someting. Well, it turns out, it was Taylor. He was just a bit tired, so he was breathing weirdly. "Hey! I didn't know that you guys would be here" he said. "Uh, well, shopping got boring." Zac said, "And we kept breaking and spilling stuff." This didn't shock Taylor at all. He knew Zac. And he noticed that Lucy tended to be a bit of a klutz. So, just as he sat down, Zac noticed the time, "GUYS!!! It's 7:38!!! We'd better get moving if we want to be back to the cafe be 8!" So, he zoomed off down the hill. "Well, do you want to rest, and be late, or do you wnat to go now?" asked Lucy. "I can't go" said Taylor "my legs are kinda cramping up. I haven't been rollerblading in a while...well, at least, not with this much of an incline." So, the two sat there for about 15 minutes while Taylor stretched his legs a bit. "I think that we'd better get going now." said Lucy. Taylor told Lucy that she could go ahead...he couldn't move his legs very good. "Uh, Tay" said Lucy, "It's getting kinda dark, and I haven't a clue how to find that place in the dark...let alone in day light....so, either we both *slowly* go down the hill, or you could sit down on your butt, and I'll drag you."

10 minutes later, Taylor and Lucy rolled into the cafe. (a bit late...but no one really cared)

The six all headed towards a hotel. Zac, Taylor, and Lucy returned their rollerblades on the way.

Aftr a good night sleep, everyone thought that it'd be cool to go see some (non ancient) sites. So, they all walked to the tour place, and waited in line to get a tour guide. This time, they got a decent one. Jos selected our tour giude.

It was a nice tour.

Later, when they got on a boat (a very small one)to see how the ocean was, Zac thought that it'd be cool to try to catch a tropical fish. He leaned too far over. SPLASH! "ZACHARY WALKER HANSON !!!! YOU MORON!!!! Why in the heck did you do that?" yelled Taylor and Isaac. "Get back on the boat!" He tried. It didn't work. He got 1/2 on the boat, and then it flipped, spilling Rose, Taylor, Jos, Isaac, and Lucy into the blue water. Well, this didn't make anyone too happy. Except Jos. Which was a bit odd, considering that she was the one who didn't even want to get onto the boat in the first place. She just kinda floated on her back laughing. No one knew what to do. Trying to get back into the boat would be useless. So, everyone just swam into shore. Everyone was mad. Well, with the exception of Jos and Zac, who both enjoyed the spil.

Now...after drying off......Rose suggested that we maybe go somewhere else. Jos didn't care. Lucy wanted to stay. Taylor and Isaac wanted to stay. Zac wanted to leave. Dave wanted tuna.

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