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From: Lucy (rhoda helped!!!)
Date: Mon Nov 30 18:08:14 1998

Our story!

"The Hungry....the Sad." (a short story...by the Dagubew Bandits) (rhoda
and lucy)

(*any relation to actual event is entirely coincidential...hhehehehehe)

"forget the lotion," said Julie. "let's look at Clint."
"ok, but whatever you do," started Mel, "DON'T PET THE PHONOGRAPH!!"
As mel, Julie, smith, and anne moved over towards the lotion part of the
store, julie fixed her eyes on clint, fulfilling her statement, "let's
look at clint". As smith, mel, and anne left julie to swoon over clint,
they moved over towards the facial cleansing products and the
moisturizing products, and hence, moved on to the hair care products, to
bask in the enjoyment of shampoo.
With a few approving "eh"s, and "OH BOY!!"s, the happy people dragged
Julie away to the........produce aisle where they happily shot lettuce
out of straws until they were threatened with certain death.
then...they decided that throwing fresh fruit was *not* enjoyable, they
moved on to the appliance ar

From: Lucy (rhoda helped!!!)
Date: Mon Nov 30 18:09:52 1998

(Continued...our story)

area, where they "zapped" each other with
"guns". (er, some people call them "turkey basters", but...who cares)
after realizing that julie had gone back to look at clint...anne, smith,
and mel decided that for the betterment of society, they would leave
julie with clint, otherwise julie would revolt, and create insane prices
on turkey basters, and they couldn't have that, now could they?
So...they left to Pizza Igloo, and dined on superb pepperoni pizza.
Then, they ran out into the feild, and yelled, "JULIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!
LOTION, DO *NOT* PET THE PHONOGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Then, they sat down and cried. they were hungry. and sad.

From: Growlie (phblblblblblblblblblblbl!!)
Date: Wed Dec 2 17:35:04 1998

I'm truly hurt

Because none of you went to watch my wonderful play. I don't care about your excuses. I don't care if you were in Omaha or in Illinois or on the Moon. I invited you all to go, I asked you all to go, I begged you all to go. But none of you did go.

I was mad, disappointed, and hurt all at once. No one cared enough to go watch my stage debut. You would have liked it. It was funny. But YOU DIDN'T GO!! BAD!!!

Date: Wed Dec 2 18:48:29 1998


There. Much better. OK. Lord Growlie. I already had planned to be in Omaha *way* before you even *asked* us to go to the play! I don't care if you don't care about excuses. I never liked that story, anyway. (The "Wizard of Oz" that is...) No offense. I guess, on my list of things that i do and don't like..."Wizard of Oz" would be right up there with....Grey Poupon...and that's not saying too much. :) Anyway.
Adios, buds. :)

From: Rose
Date: Wed Dec 2 20:13:56 1998

I'm in a bad mood.

No one went to Guys and Dolls, either.

From: Dot (?)
Date: Wed Dec 2 23:54:13 1998

Is it possible?

I wonder.....can you pull your butt merely by roller skating? I think that you can. If anyone can...i can. I can hurt myself like no one else can. It's a born with talent. Oh, i bet you're all jealous. (yeah...right) And i'm always cold. Birth defect, i think. No, just low blood pressure, I believe. I'll love. Er, live. :)

From: Growlie (plhblblblblblblblblbllb (cont'd))
Date: Thu Dec 3 17:05:07 1998

Talk to the hand, because I ain't listening anymore

to Rose: I would have gone, but I had practice then. kinda ticked you off that nobody cared enough to go, didn't it?? My point exactly.

To Lucy: See the subject line. (It's the one in big bold letters)

From: .
Date: Sat Dec 5 00:52:07 1998

This sucker sucks. blaaaaah.

From: Rose
Date: Sat Dec 5 01:57:17 1998

I'm fine, thanks.

That reminds me of this one card I got for my cousin. It was really funny. On the front, it had this cute little mouse hiding a bunch of flowers behind his back, and it said, "On this, your special day of birth, I'd like to take the chance to share how I feel with you." And on the inside it said, "I feel fine, thanks."

I know, I know, it was for my cousin, but it was so HER that I had to get it. I mean, you'd probably get it for someone of the opposite gender mostly, but, you see, it fit her well, and it was funny, so I bought it.

Oh, and I don't care about the play anymore. It was a month ago. Oh, well.


From: . (.)
Date: Sat Dec 5 15:11:56 1998


.....I agree with rose....forget the whole play thing.
I've had things that no one goes to... like... swim meets, etc. BUT...i'm not going to hold it agianst them. i don't care. frankly, i don't think it's even worth while to get offended about stuff. Just forget about it, and move on. :)

From: . (rhymes with 'cot')
Date: Sun Dec 6 20:12:09 1998

Ok, Rose...here's the deal.

When i get $$...(after christmas, i'm guessing) i'm going to buy one of linus' extra sets, because it's cheaper than buying a new set which i don't wanna do because it costs more. :) simple, eh? So, until i get some cash....hey!! no one is stopping you from *buying* me a set!!! (yeah, right) . You could get me on
for christmas!! yeah!! there
we go!
super idea.
why didn't you think of that? because...we are a little to into "dust"??!??! No. i think not. anyway..oh! i forgot the newpaper thingy at dave's house...and i also forgot my movie there. why am i telling this to a GUESTBOOK?!?!?! duh. :)

From: Willard McBane
Date: Tue Dec 8 18:55:50 1998


From: dot (ortega)
Date: Tue Dec 8 23:30:09 1998

my new favorite commercial

i looooove that cheese one!!! where that girl sees all the presents that santa left her and her dad goes, "wow. those must have been some cookies!" ( or somethinglike that) and he little girl goes, "i didn't leave him cookies. i left him cheeeeeeeeeeeese."
and the girl is cute as a button. cute, i tell you! mmhm. :)

From: Jos (I don't have one yet. Help me think.)
Date: Sat Dec 12 00:43:52 1998

I have a headache.

You know what I have decided? That all of everything is in a state of absolute and total chaos. Yeppers. I think I shall name my masterpiece that..... chaos.

From: dot (chaos)
Date: Sat Dec 12 01:24:50 1998


Chaos is a fascinating scientific topic.....i'd love to study...amazingly complex though, i might add. very complex. awesome, though. it'd *rule* to discover something like that....or, to *prove* the chaos theory. it's still a theory, isn't it? i read about it once, and i found it fascinating.
astronomy is the best field of science, though. I know, i know....jos and linus would say that Med. Bio Tehc is....so maybe to them. :) oh well.

From: Jos (I can't say.)
Date: Sat Dec 12 17:38:16 1998

Chaos Continued

I read a book on Chaos Theory once. But do you think that I can remember any of it? Nah! All I remember about it is what I learned from Jurassic Park. *snicker*

And yes, Bio Tech rules. Right along with genetics and viruses. :)

From: Rose (Which one?)
Date: Sun Dec 13 19:40:03 1998


What in the world does the "a little into dust" comment mean, DOT??? I don't get it. Honestly, I seriously do not understand what you were trying to say.

EMAIL ME! Thank you. I wouldn't like it very much if you posted it on this very public message board that no one ACTUALLY reads ... :D


From: Rose (OK then.)
Date: Sun Dec 13 19:43:13 1998


Josephine, what exactly prompted you to go on about how everything is in a complete and total state of chaos?

(Besides the fact that it is.)

But what, specifically.

Email me, if you must.


P.S. Noooooo, this ISN'T at ALL ANY HINTS FOR EMAIL.

From: Rose
Date: Sun Dec 13 19:48:35 1998

Well, then.

Dot, you scare me.

Jos, you scare me.

I scare myself.

Everyone scares me.


I'm scared.

Well, then, that's about all.

I feel like I shouldn't even interrupt this conversation, because it's not mine to interrupt, but HAHA! I am.

Computer Science is the best.

You'll thank me when all the world's gone to robotics.


From: Snoopy
Date: Mon Dec 14 16:48:00 1998


Rose, you want to be a computer scientist too?
I want to be a systems analyst. And work for Microsoft or Netscape. Make 120,000 a year. Drive a New Dodge Ram three quarter ton pickup with a V-10 in it. *grunt* *grunt*

From: Dot
Date: Mon Dec 14 18:04:52 1998


Hey, jos! all i know about chaos is what i learned form Jurassic Park, too! froovy. i love that book. i'm still mid-"andromeda strain". :)
Rose, i'd tell you what the "into dust" comment meant, but this is a public guestbook, and other peole can read it...peole who you might *not* want to know what i meant.
is that making anysense? i don't htink so.
i hate yahoo mail. someone.....argh!!! it won't let me read my 2 new messages. oh....they're probably from Cover Girl or Chickclick, anyway. *argh*.

From: this is abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Dec 23 14:28:13 1998

holy cow.

when do they talk about chaos in Jurassic Park? huh? Huh? HUH? oh geesh.
I don't remember.
I'm "on IM" with a certain someone who is REFUSING to respond to my messages. i'm still wearing pajamas. I believe the time is 1:30. geesh.
anyway, no one even commented on our story....Dot...... no one.......did they just brush it aside with a roll of their eyes, mumbling something about idiots with too much time on their hands???? (that's what my friend did. EX-friend.) hmph.
gracious. I should probably go get dressed and stuff.
there are only about 4 presents for me under the treeeeeeeeeeee.......and no big ones. My evil sisters have 6 or 78 and they're all big. THIS IS A PROBLEM!!!! I'm the special one. I'm the cool one. I'm going to cry. no one loves me.

From: Chaz (yes)
Date: Wed Dec 23 17:25:20 1998

Christmas Tree Blues

My boss is as cheap as snot.

Instead of a pay bonus for Christmas, all Fareways employees got:

......A little tub of strawberry jam!!!!!!

Oh, joy.

Please, someone help me contain my glee.


From: Dot (!)
Date: Wed Dec 23 17:54:31 1998


!!! You know what? me either.
i'm talking to someone on IM right now, too. no one that i have met. or have i??? :) hahha.
charlie...if you dont want the tub of strawberry stuff, moo will wear it. :) i dont' have a boss. so i can't comment on cheapness. oh well. my mom and my dad are the big "money givers" in my house. :) i'm not gonna whine, either. if i did, they'd ... move me to a VAAAAAN down by the RIVEEER! just kidding. they love me. :>)
this candle is really heating up the room. seriously... this room was cold, and then i brought up a candle for company and now it's all cozy in here! and by golly the candle smells great, too! :) right, Rose?? hehehehheheheheh. oops. rule #1. i forgot. my mistake. no. "my bad" is more fun. oh well. anyway, it's nice. it's refreshing. it's... ALIIIIIIIVEEEE AAAAAAAAAAGH! HELP ME!!!! THE CANDLE IS GONNA EAT MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Rose
Date: Thu Dec 24 22:14:40 1998


I like ... pickles!!

Well, anyway.

I really haven't written for a very long time, so I thought it was about time.

I don't want to be a computer scientist anymore, I want to be a senator/representative or a stand-up comedian. (If I become a politician, I can fulfill both my dreams! HAHA! No, J/K!)

But I'll probably end up being a computer scientist anyway. *SIGH* Making $100,000 a year, yet not fulfilling my dream of making people laugh or causing everyone to stop thinking that global warming is a) even real and b) caused by humans ... *SIGH*


Merry Christmas!

From: Rose
Date: Fri Dec 25 11:05:07 1998

We got a new computer.

I'm testing it out.

OH LOOK!! I signed the guestbook on Christmas!!


From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Dec 25 15:07:47 1998

vaseline lotion and christmas

yay!!! it's christmas. i never get any sleep on christmas eve. yawn.
there is some vaseline intensive care lotion sitting here. hey, Joanna and Julia, you guys remember when I put it all over my hands and it dried and flaked off and smelled absolutely rotten and you guys all got mad?
that was neat.
well, it really wasn't my fault. i read the directions and stuff and it doesn't say anything about 'rubbing the lotion into your skin'......soooo....I was just following directions. yeah. that's it. anyway.
oh tannebaum oh tannebaum cynthia oh cynthia.......geesh. i gave my sister the Rugrats soundtrack for Christmas...it's just lovely. help.
bye!!! my sister wants to play with her Barbie designer game now.....:)

From: Josephine (I can't say.)
Date: Fri Dec 25 20:27:40 1998

Merry Christmas

I'm taking a little break from the "family thing" right now. :) Not that I mind the "family thing". They're all playing Star Trek Monopoly. We already played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. I won. Big surprise. :) My mom also said that my brother and I are never alowed to see those movies again because we have them memorized. :) j/k This is cool. I have never had lipstick that smells like perfume before. Usually they have that.... well lipsticky smell.

From: Dot (hohtoeiwya4ygo)
Date: Sat Dec 26 20:16:14 1998


go away. i'm bored. talk to me. i'm overly bored.

From: Charlie (<><)
Date: Mon Dec 28 09:53:30 1998

whatever comes to mind

What the... Moo will wear it???
Dare I ask what that's supposed to mean?

After surviving my second biggest week at Fareway (23.7 hours. The first biggest was 24.3.), I went home and enjoyed my christmas. It was dandy, except *someone* decided it would be a great idea to have all the relatives over to *my* house until the wee hours of the night. It certainly wasn't me. I swear I'm the only person in my entire family who can hear.

I saw an interview of Jesse "the Body" Ventura yesterday. He is Soooo cool. I wish he would have run for governor of Iowa. I'd have voted for him. He went to college for 1 year, joined the Navy, became a Seal for 6 years. Then he worked at some bar, then he was a pro wrestler for 11 years, then a wrestling announcer, then the mayor of a city in Minnesota, and in January, he'll be governor. Above all, and this is probably why I like him so well, he is NOT a politician. His first move as governor-elect was to appoint a

From: Charlie (Continued)
Date: Mon Dec 28 09:53:46 1998

whatever else comes to mind

As I was saying before I was so rudely cut off, Mr. Ventura appointed a farmer as head of agriculture. It only makes sense to have someone who knows what they're doing in charge of stuff. I wonder why nobody else thought of it.

I'm going to e-mail him and tell him so.


From: Charlie (<><)
Date: Mon Dec 28 10:42:04 1998

I'm back

I went to Jesse's official site, and some unofficial ones. I only wish he would have run for governor here.

He's soooooooooo cool. It's just unbelievable how cool he is.

Oh, did I mention he was a swimmer in High School, too? The captain of the team, actually.

From: Dot (I don't want you to know)
Date: Mon Dec 28 13:41:47 1998


I, personally, don't have such strong supportiveness for Jesse Ventura. The thing about Moo wearing the strawberry jelly...just zapped into my head from Venus. :)

From: Jos (I don't even care.)
Date: Mon Dec 28 19:05:25 1998


Not really. If I talked about that, someone might figure it out! :)

Anyway, I'm bored. I found this site with prom dresses. The one you found last year Dot. Anyway, it says "come back in late December to see the dresses for '99". Well it is now the 28th. Still not there. Oh well. I have to have money before I can buy one anyway.

Anyway..... I have nothing to say.

From: Dot (I care!!!)
Date: Mon Dec 28 23:05:01 1998


No. I won't talk about that, cos someone might figure that out, too. I know, I know. It *did* have a lovely meaning before... but *THEN*...Rose, yes. I distorted the meaning!! argh. oh well. the new meaning is such fun!!!

oH! when buying pants...make sure they are dead.

From: Rose
Date: Tue Dec 29 11:19:43 1998


Well, nah, I won't talk about that either.

Heck, why not!! I WILL!

I hate dust. It makes me sneeze. ACHOO! It gets all over the furniture, and then I have to dust it off. I don't like to dust, because it's a big pain. You have to move stuff around and then move it back.


That's rather humorous, if you think about it, Dot & Jos ...

Well, anyway, I smell like syrup. SNIIIIFFFFFF. It's cause I just ate some waffles. With syrup. HAHA!! No, I just ate the waffles and no syrup, which is why I smell like it ...

Well, I don't know why I still smell like that, because I already brushed my teeth and everything. Hmmmmmm.

Well, we're going to the mall.

The *Fairfield* mall. Oooooo.


From: smith (dead pants)
Date: Tue Dec 29 15:55:40 1998

lotion....no....forget the lotion...let's look at ____!!!!!!!!

lol. sakes, mel, we are *so* amusing, i say! rose, about the dust, when you think about it...no. not funny. humorous. but not funny. fine. force me to say it. i was laughing. marvy.
i think that rose smells like syrup....cos SHE SPILLED IT ALL OVER HERSELF!!!! YEA! that's it.
pardon me... i need to go send email to a gloomy monkey because *someone* didn't take the monkey to colorado! geesh. how mean. i shall have to talk to this person. *tsk*tsk*tsk*

From: rhoda (rhoda@chickmail.com)
Date: Tue Dec 29 23:58:01 1998


well. splendid. I'm sure I will just *enlighten* you all with my growlings about *N SYNC, but hey, maybe someone will agree.
Now, they aren't really all that bad, you know? I mean, they're cute, they can sing, and (this is a BIG plus) they can BOB. NOT dance, mind you, BOB. In all their videos, they BOB around and hit their chests because of unrequited love and whatnot. oh, I'm shedding a tear.
moving on......they are nice, but they don't exactly have their own style, which bugs the pants off me. There are a gazillion groups like that right now. welll....maybe 3 or so. let's see....Backstreet boys.......98 degrees.....Five.....etc. allll cute, allllllll young and pretty........all signing in harmony about being dumped, which has probably never happened because every girl on the planet WORSHIPS them. except for me!!! ahahah! i take a stand.
and have you seen their Christmas video? it's them on a sleigh, riding around and then around a christmas tree bouncing k

From: rhoda (rhoda@chickmail.com)
Date: Wed Dec 30 00:11:58 1998

I got cut off!!!!!!!

bouncing kids on their knees. awwwwwww.....sooooo cute, you think! but then, of course, in the background you've got these half-dreseed, pouty supermodels BOBbing around. duh. it BUGS me.
and just cuz I said I'd mary J.C, Smith, doesn't mean I liike Nsync. It does not. :)
my mom is watching mercury rising. I think I'll join her.
but I would like to say that I was FORCED to listen to Satan (I know, I said Kathie Lee was Satan's wife, but just for kicks, today nsync is satan) on the drive with my friends. dear god.
rahod....rhoda...oops. :)

From: xena & gabrielle (warriorprincess@talent.com)
Date: Thu Dec 31 17:07:50 1998

why the moon...um......um....enjoys...enoys....dr. seuss.

wellllll. go alissa. i'm sure you're all going to read this now, huh? sounds interestin, yes?
sooooo........................ummmm.......i'll inteerest you.......with my insights to the world.
Insight #1-i got peed on by a small dog today. it ran down my bathrobe sleeve and I had to run around the house naked. JK
Insight #2-never wake someone up with a spatula. It's not fun and it can hurt.
Insight #3-we are soooooo insightful.
Insight #4-no we're not.
Insight #5-I'm wearing pajama pants
Insight #6-aliss is fully dressed
Insight #7-so am I, but I'm not wearing real pants. they're fake.
Insight #8-never eat......um......just never eat.
Insight #9-candy canes are fun to break. and smear on your face.
that's all for now. have a lovely new year's eve.
abi and alissa

Insight #2-

From: joanna
Date: Sat Jan 2 23:37:49 1999


Dear!!! Goodness!!! You are *such* insightful girls! I will remember all that i learned when i read that guestbook entry. i shall NEVER under ANY circumstances wake someone up with a spatula. i tremble to think of the results!!! i quiver with fear. i shall put that thought out of my mind. i shall depart, now....i'm sure that other guestbooks would love the be graced by my signing....

From: Jesse (Ventura)
Date: Mon Jan 4 09:52:39 1999

For President

Well, I guess that says it all.

Minnesota's new motto: Our Governor can beat the crap out of your Governor.

From: Rose (HAHAHA!!)
Date: Mon Jan 4 22:32:57 1999


Well, it's just TOO bad that we all talked our hearts out about door, because the mystery is gone from it now ... I find that overly amusing. I don't know why. But we did. Told everything we know. Well, *I* didn't, because I wasn't here ...

But you guys did.


I just find those guestbook entries amusing.


From: Chaz (yeah)
Date: Wed Jan 6 16:40:12 1999

Moderately Conservative

That's what I discovered my standing in the political spectrum is. In Government, we took a opinion quiz to see if we are liberal, conservative, or moderate. I got a 40, that means I'm kinda conservative. So is Linus, but Al is just plain conservative.

We have three liberals in our class.




From: Josephine (I don't dare say. Someone might actually write to me!!! *gasp*)
Date: Thu Jan 7 13:24:46 1999

Happy. Very Happy. Down right giddy in fact.

I have no idea what I would be. Well, conservative, but I don't know *how* conservative. Anyways, I am so happy. Yay! Smile, smile, smile. :)

From: Rose (KICK HIM OUT!!!)
Date: Thu Jan 7 21:03:16 1999


That's what I screamed at the television earlier today, and I went on a rampage about how unfair it is that he probably won't get kicked out, and then some local news came on, and I yelled at them, because they were talking about the impeachment and "censure" and I screamed at them, because there's no such thing as censure, but, you see, I'm probably considered a tad bit "moderate" because I have this thing about women's rights, namely, I don't think there should be anything such as "women's rights," but I do think that women should just have rights, I think that they should be equal to men, but not better, but because I think that they should be equal to men, then some "conservatives" might call me bad names, namely, the "l" word, and that would be just tragic, because I am NOT going to stand here and let anyone call me the "l" word.

That was a very big, on purpose run-on sentence.

I wonder if I could actually pull off an English essay that is only one sentenc

From: Rose (WELL!)
Date: Thu Jan 7 21:12:54 1999

How dare it cut off my nice long entry!!

All I wanted to say was that I wonder if I could pull off an English essay that was only one sentence. I mean, it's possible to make one very long sentence correctly grammared, but I don't know if Mr. Sales would approve ...

Maybe that would be a goal in life!

HEY!! I had some good analogies here, what were they?

Oh, yes.

Rather than having that be a goal in my life, kicking out baby-killing, criminal-loving, gay-advocating, idol-worshipping, money-grubbing, ethnically hypocritical, lying scum should be the goal in all of our lives.


From: Lucy (Lucy)
Date: Sun Jan 10 14:34:59 1999


why did i write "lucy" as my subject? i'm not here to talk about myself. i'm here to let the world know that i have to go eat lunch. such fun.
good times.

From: Joanna
Date: Tue Jan 12 19:11:38 1999

I think that libraries need music on the P.A., or something.

Wouldn't that be a good idea? eh? i think so. it's so quiet here. i really have a strong urge to break out into song... "RIFF RAFF! STREET RAT! I DON'T BUY THAT! IF ONLY THEY'D LOOK CLOSER!!! WOULD THEY SEE A POOR BOY? NO, SIRREE. THEY'D FIND OUT THERE'S SO MUCH MORE TO ME!"
poor aladdin. sad sad sad.
oh well. what can i do? i dont think that i can make him un-sad. i'll just sing a song for him, then. but not here. "not like this. you're gonna get out of here, rose. you're gonna die..an old lady in you bed. " I think that i got the order of all that mixed up. oh well. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT I CARE???. well. i dont care. i could care less. :)
i shall shut up now. bye.

From: Josephine ((Can't say.))
Date: Sun Jan 17 00:13:07 1999

What is Love?

I love that song. Anyway. I really don't have much to say.

From: Josephine (Hmmm)
Date: Sun Jan 17 00:27:58 1999


"What is love? Baby don't hurt me." I always get these songs running through my head. Although last night it was the song "Kiss Me" by Sixpence. Very interesting.

From: Charlie (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Date: Sun Jan 17 18:09:29 1999

favorite song(s)

I don't know how we we went from conservative vs. the L word, to favorite songs, but I just have to add my thoughts here:

I don't really have a favorite song, rather, several favorite songs.

Straight to the Heart - Michael W. Smith
Tell Me Again - Geoff Moore
Lost the Plot - Newsboys
And When I Die - Blood, Sweat & Tears

yeah, that looks about right.

From: Joanna
Date: Mon Jan 18 17:20:03 1999

Sooooongs. i love soooooongs

Wow. i dont believe that i have a fave song. here are a few, though:

"The way you look tonight" (tony bennet...from "My Best friends wedding" soundtrack)

anything from the Charlie Brown Christmas

"refine me" and "undo me" by Jennifer Knapp

"Oh what a night" (four seasons)

"kiss me" Sixpence none the richer

and......."Rockabye" by some guy with blonde hair.

good stuff. Plumb is good, too. and songs 3 and 5 by Becca...from "Pray".
glorious. good times.

From: Rose
Date: Mon Jan 18 17:21:39 1999

That kid on the Rec's IM address is scary.

I don't know who he is, but he's really, really strange. He told me that he was an 18 year old in jail for sleeping with a 9 year old. That's really, really nice. And then he said he was 14 and in 8th grade.

He's frightening me ...

From: Joanna
Date: Tue Jan 19 21:06:26 1999

"Everything's gonna be alright....rockabye....rockabye..."

I think the guy that sings that song is Shawn Mullins. I think. is that right? or am i just a confused person? hmmmmm

From: Josephine (Pooh)
Date: Tue Jan 19 21:28:34 1999

Drat!!! Darn it!!!

*sigh* I'm depressed not. I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to buy Old Navy track pants now. Geesh. I think I'll go cry now.

From: joanna (IS THIS THE SPICE GIRLS????)
Date: Wed Jan 20 17:13:59 1999

It had better not be. I really dislike the Spice Girls.

They are bad. I dislike them.
Josephine!!!! Must..........get.........track pants!!! :) I would like to get a pair of those sometime! Froovy things.
ooh. I just talked to Jessie sholley. She's been swimming. i feel soooooo bad. but, ONE GOOD THING, though. She's moving up an age division...and I"M NOT!!!! yeah. good stuff.
good times, great oldies. KIOA!
i'm bored. and i'm suddenly really toasty.

From: charlie (mcb50220)
Date: Fri Jan 22 09:54:20 1999

I hate to say it

but "that kid on the Rec's IM address" could be just about anyone. I have a pretty good Idea who it is, but I don't know his name. He looks like he could be in 8th grade.

I forgot a favorite song: 867-5309 Jenny.
Great stuff

From: Joanna
Date: Fri Jan 22 15:58:37 1999

Good songs.

I looove "Kiss Me" by sixpence. and anything by Delerious.
Have any of you guys heard of Mankala? They are soooo froovy! love 'em love 'em love 'em.
you betcha.
and anything from "Lord of the Dance" Soundtrack or the "My Best Friends Wedding" soundtrack. all good.

From: Harriet Smith (I love the beatle.com)
Date: Sat Jan 23 01:20:59 1999

Throw me in with the livestock!

Oh Mr. Martin! I love you! I am told I am adove you but since I look like I do I dont believe that! Oh Beatle! I love you! You love me soooo much I am told.I do look a mite "manly" but it just adds to my overall charactor.Oh Mr. Frank- Churchil-l monkey-Issac-You do look so monkyish and saved me from the gypsies who thought I should not be wearing womans clothing. Oh Mr. Knightly! I do love you truly the most! You danced when I was shuned by the Beatle and his wife dotinly fond other manly person.Oh Mr. Martin! I do lovr you all over again- Throw me in with the livestock!

From: Emma
Date: Sun Jan 24 17:09:57 1999

My Dress

I loved my dress. It was even called "the Emma dress". but, nature being what it is, i look about 10 when i wear my Emma dress. i want to wear my emma dress. but i look too horrid. yeah. so i have a froovy dress. mmmmmmnice.

From: Rose
Date: Mon Jan 25 17:15:51 1999


Shawn Mullins, si.

And why not track pants, Jos? Cargo pants are the best.

From: Rose
Date: Mon Jan 25 17:23:43 1999

Boo to affirmative action. Yay to Rose being president.

Or Rush.

Anyway, I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh, yes. It's a tragedy. My dress is only going to be held through today and I'm sick and can't go buy it.

But there were a lot of them, so I think that I can probably find one.


And who wrote that Harriet entry?



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