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From: Josephine (none)
Date: Wed Jan 27 13:25:27 1999

Voting on whether to call witnesses.

38 to 32 it's close.

From: Josephine (none)
Date: Wed Jan 27 13:34:58 1999


Why do they cut into programs in the middle of the voting for witnesses. Idiots I say!!!

From: huh (?)
Date: Thu Jan 28 15:46:51 1999



Am I to understand there will be no side dishes?

From: joanna
Date: Thu Jan 28 19:06:41 1999

Chocolate covered frankfertuers

Doesn't my topic sound naseating? i rather think so.
although i would hate to be in that state. not that it would matter for me.....
i don't know WHY i just put that in a guestbook. now the entire world can know that i am ... yeah.
POVERTISH, eh mel?
adios, folks.

From: Chaz (CUO )
Date: Mon Feb 1 15:57:04 1999

(Chief Underpants Officer)

I was wondering that as I read the previous entry. Why *did* you say that? It's not necessary to enter the realm of the guestbook and talk about underwear? well, since I did, I guess it is.

From: Smith (Smith@Smith.smith)
Date: Mon Feb 1 19:11:00 1999


Hi. My name is Smith. I like Italy. I am going to live in Italy. I love Italy.
Italy is wonderflu!!!
En dante!!! <--good way for pasta.

From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 1 19:13:53 1999

gone. all gone

guess what! as many of you may already know, I lost my retainer, my red sweater, and $50.
just so you know.
it's a great loss. really!
I'm wearing a red sweatshirt.
justin wears lipstick, false eyelashes,a wonderbra, and a pink tuxedo.
I said it first.

From: smith
Date: Mon Feb 1 23:18:04 1999


True!! True!! I said it second. justing does, in fact, wear *red* lipstick, false eyelashes, a wonderbra, and a pink tuxedo.

Date: Mon Feb 1 23:20:38 1999


True!! True!! I said it second. justing does, in fact, wear *red* lipstick, false eyelashes, a wonderbra, and a pink tuxedo.

From: Rose (Hi.)
Date: Tue Feb 2 15:57:09 1999


I had the urge to be the first one to write that in the guestbook.



From: Rose (Hi.)
Date: Tue Feb 2 16:00:07 1999


Somebody needs to move these messages into an old message file.

That's me, isn't it? I'm supposed to do it, aren't I? I JUST KNEW IT. NOTHING EVER GETS DONE AROUND HERE UNLESS *I* DO IT!!! AM I THE *ONLY* ONE--J/K.

I don't know why I'm being dumb.

Oh, yes. I do.


Dust, door, deck ...
Rose :)

From: Joanna
Date: Tue Feb 2 22:20:47 1999

Door, Dust, and Deck

I could make humorous comments about all the proviously mentioned 4 letter "d" worrds, but i shan't. i might accidentaly disclose something BAD. :) hehehehehehehehe

From: Rose (Hi.)
Date: Wed Feb 3 11:58:45 1999

That's my email now. Hi. Just "Hi." You can try it. "Hi." It will work. NOT!

HAHA! They *are* four letter words, aren't they? Shame on us. Using four letter words in everyday conversation. Well, we do! I mean, doesn't EVERYONE have a conversation about dust and doors and decks? I think they do.

We need a slogan. A "saying" that includes all of them.

I'm nuts.


From: Rose (Hi.)
Date: Wed Feb 3 12:11:07 1999


Are you not *HUMAN*? Do you not *BLEED* as I do? Please, oh, PLEASE go to http://jupiter.guestworld.com/wgb/wgbview.dbm?owner=FCFA and see JUST WHY everyone is so WORKED UP about these things!

It's a saga of a story critic, an aspring writer, and a love that cannot be quenched ... Please, go there now ... and enjoy ...

From: Hi (:))
Date: Wed Feb 3 15:54:32 1999



I wanted to be sure to be the first one to say that in this guestbook.
It doesn't mean anything racial, so BACK OFF!!

From: Rose (Hi.)
Date: Wed Feb 3 16:13:32 1999


I just cleaned out the guestbook, and I would like to tell you two things. First of all ...

When I went to Wartburg Sunday, this guy gave an introduction speech for the president of the college, Jack Oley. He said how Jack always gets involved with the faculty and students and gives them 105% and all this ... Then he told a really clever joke (well, it was at the time) at the end, which I thought I would share with everyone.

He said, "We've been working on a new Admissions slogan which I thought I'd share with you folks. It goes something like this. 'If you don't go to Wartburg ... you won't know Jack.'"

BAHAHA!!! Didn't anyone else like that? I liked it.

Secondly ...

*SHOW* *ME* *THE* *MONEY*!!!



From: clarksmurg (none)
Date: Wed Feb 3 20:58:50 1999

NOT ME I HOPE!!!! :)

i sertainly hope abi and dot know some other justin and are not talking about me! So i would like to say in my defence that i do not wear that sfuff especially not the wonderbra so i think that's all so i'll go now.

bye, clarksmurg

From: Smith
Date: Thu Feb 4 18:46:54 1999


Justin ***** ********. <--- full name will not be revealed on the internet.
YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOOUT YOU!!! Geesh, Mr. Wonderbra. Quit denying the obvious!!!
Goodness griefius. <--- (Latin for "good grief")
Mr. Wonderbra, you are instilling iniquity upon Mel and I.

From: clark (clarksmurg@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 6 15:14:04 1999

you guys have a junky guest book :)

well you and mell will just have to tell me. i demand that you tell me.

BYE, Mr. wonderbra who doesn't need one

From: Rose (Hi.)
Date: Sat Feb 6 16:55:23 1999

I hate to get in the middle of this fascinating fight ...


Our guestbook is NOT junky. I think that's pushing it, buster. You watch it, now ...


From: mel mork (Oh Mr. Wonderbra!!! don't be ashamed!!!! we all need a little boost sometimes.)
Date: Sun Feb 7 14:10:53 1999


BOW DOWN. Oh boy, it's one of those days. I hate puns. I'll tell you that right now. I really do. i have a friend named Justin that loves puns and little things like that and it bugs the geesh out of me.
anyway, I saw the word niggardly in TIME magazine. what a word. I don't believe that's as good of a word as povertish or wonderflu.

From: clarksmurg (to bad)
Date: Sun Feb 7 15:44:30 1999


i don't know if that's what you realy meant by that or not but i'm guessing that it was so i will say nothing

bye, Mr. wonderbra

From: duliadulia (ya know it)
Date: Sun Feb 7 16:44:54 1999

Chili Cheese Fritos give you bad breathe

How do i know such wonderous things you may ask. Well it all come from experience. Let me just say that if i breathe on you today, you may fall over dead from the horrendous smell! hehehe Don't worry sami. i will brush my teeth before i come to your house. :) Anyway......so this is your sight, it doesn't seem to have much order to it. Sort of chaotic i'd say. I think it needs to be rearranged when you all have extra time. that's my own personal opinion.
nice background color though. pink is a little, well idon't know how to say it, ummmmm i don't know. but i would prefer dark purple or something. anyhow, i was here. Be proud of me.

From: smith
Date: Sun Feb 7 17:32:55 1999

plethora things!

Well. Justin, if you don't want to be called Mr. WOnderbra, then why do you sign the guesetbook and email and such things as "mr. wonderbra"? just curious.
and julia....until you learn HTML and make yourself and "organized" site, don't whine. :) ehehhehehe
good fun.
mel--povertish, i am!! lol. one person really notices these things when one goes shopping for new clothing, and you see yourself in mirrors a lot.
what SHALL i do?
i shall go look somewhere else for my lawn chair.

From: no (no)
Date: Mon Feb 8 10:02:33 1999


Not wonderbra, Chief underpants officer

From: rhoda (rhoda@chickmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 8 22:36:25 1999

I must be dying.

I swear, there is an epidemic in Oregon. Everyone is sick and coughing and hacking. It's soooo gross. ick ick ick.
Don't you want somebody to lo-ove....don't you need somebody to lo-ove....gotta find somebody to lo-ove....gotta have somebody to lo-oveee..........wioooooooohhhhoooooo....I do enjoy that song. In fact, I think I might buy The 60's soundtrack. perhaps. we'll seee.
so...how did all you lovely COOL people like the X-Files on Sunday? FULL DISCLOSURE..woah.
But see, what are they going to do after they've fully disclosed everything? hmmmmmm???? what? have Mulder and Scully do battle with vicious aliens in some sort of Independence Day thing??? I think not.

From: Smith
Date: Mon Feb 8 22:58:47 1999


If mulder even THINKS about shooting that lady... i shall... cry. Although, if he DOESN'T shoot her, the aliens will be rampant in our land, and it would be ALL mulder's FAULT!!!! what *is* the world coming to? Beans, that's what!

From: Josephine (LiverRipper@x-files.com)
Date: Tue Feb 9 13:34:05 1999

The X-Files.

Mulder *must* shoot that lady!!!! He *knows* that a bullet will not kill her. Only a sharp object stabbed in the back of her neck can kill her. Oh yes. So he must shoot her.

From: chaz (zorro)
Date: Tue Feb 9 15:38:31 1999


the x-files is STUPID!!!!

yes, I have seen it, and I still think it's STUPID!!!!

From: smith
Date: Tue Feb 9 16:05:48 1999


YOU ARE CRAPPY!!!! er, Crabby. well, anyway, get some ProZac.

From: Rose (Look.)
Date: Tue Feb 9 22:51:31 1999

I'm upset. I really am.

And I'm in no mood to discuss the X-Files except to say that Mulder doesn't know that woman is an alien.

From: Al (:))
Date: Thu Feb 11 18:19:28 1999


I was just surfin' by and noticed that this guest book hasn't been signed since... *gasp* APRIL? it that true??? or have you just deleted all entries since then eh? oh well.. thanks for signing my gues book. well now... I guess I shall depart... AL

From: Al - again
Date: Thu Feb 11 18:25:45 1999

silly me

you know what? I just realized this is backwards from my gues book.. the new ones are at the bottom... silly me .. someone has signed since april.. oh well anyhow bye :) gotta go install a STEREO... YAH SOLDER SOLDER SOLDER !!!!

From: mel mork (soon to be announced)
Date: Fri Feb 12 15:09:25 1999

You know you've got the Rough End of the Pineapple when.....

Oh peachhhhhh. I have absolutely nothing at all to say. My sister is being obnoxious. My IM isn't working. I'm not in the most fab mood. Really.
It's dddddddddddddddd.
I SWEAR I WILL KILL AOL IM. It needs to be taken out into the street and shot.
Mow the Brigalo suckers!!!!!!!
so, yeah.
go away. bah humbugggggggg.
well, I will leave you with this thought....who cut the dog in half...?

From: Jos and Rose (Guess.)
Date: Sat Feb 13 02:44:32 1999


"Who looks good in jeans?" "No. Guess. Jeans. Guess jeans." "Oh. I see."

SOMEONE doesn't wear jeans very often. We can't say WHO, because I'm not supposed to SAY, but THIS PERSON doesn't. EHEY. <--- Yes. Ehey.

NO ONE IS ON I.M. EXCUSE US. BUT NO ONE IS ON I.M. What do you people have to DO at 1:46 a.m. that's so IMPORTANT. You're probably all at home, anyway, doing NOTHING. Aren't you? Just lying there. Breathing in. Breathing out.

This is frightening. Josephine remembers all these things that Rose doesn't. But when she SAYS them, THEN Rose remembers. But not until then.

Rose and Jos

From: Rose and Jos (Important things.)
Date: Sat Feb 13 02:55:24 1999

I have an idea for your next dinner party. You should serve ...

Calamari Fritti: Strings of baby squid fried light and crisp with garlic lemon aioli. Mmmm. Mouthwatering.

There's also:

Lumache: Plump snails sauteed with garlic and herbs. Doesn't that just make your stomach growl? Mine is. Let me tell *you*.

And finally:

Hydrogen Hydroxide Bison: Lightly trampled kangaroo of various colors (pink or blue recommended.). TASTY BEYOND TASTINESS.

All things provided on this entry are courtesy of Cosi Cocina. Or maybe not. I may be lying. YOU decide.

Rose and Jos

P.S. Go look at the FCFA guestbook. It's is positively delightful. It's 2 in the morning. We come up with some FUNNY stuff then, you know.

From: Rose and Jos (I forget sometimes that I have to write 'Jos.')
Date: Sat Feb 13 03:00:59 1999

Guess who's writing this.

No offense, Jos. I just do, because I usually just write "Rose."


"That was really an obscene part. ... *snicker* ... yet we're still laughing."


We're going to be saying that one for awhile.



Date: Sat Feb 13 03:03:20 1999



Actually *we* don't. Jos does. Rose has no opinion. She's *neutral*. *SNICKER* YEAH SURE SHE IS.


Ummmmm, oh, yes. There was something important we had to say:


"That is a *hideous* picture." "Oh. It really is."



From: Jos and Rose (This is the last entry.)
Date: Sat Feb 13 03:04:13 1999


I completely forgot what I was going to say.

Oh, yes.



Charlie Lowell, Steven Mason, Matt Odmark, and ... ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Dan Hasselhoff. Er, Hasaltine.


Rose and Jos

From: ROFL!!! (No, really. ROFL!!)
Date: Sat Feb 13 03:22:40 1999

ROFL!! Guess who this is from ...

We did that Valentine's MadLibs thing Abi sent us, and the most HILARIOUS thing came out ...

"I just had to tell you, that I think you are so chic, and was wondering if you'd like to go to basement with me and yell on the bus?" With a stupid smile on your face you say, "NO YELLING ON THE BUS!"


Well, maybe not. My bad.


From: R&J (We're ...)
Date: Sat Feb 13 03:52:23 1999

On ...

A ghost website.

Things keep downloading, and we aren't asking them to. ACK!! I'm being BLINDED!! I feel like I'm being interrogated.


Principal: Mr. Madison, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."



From: R&J (Well.)
Date: Sat Feb 13 04:04:41 1999


"I bet they break the genetic code and realize Scully's been implanted by the smoking man."

I love wavs.



From: R&J (I have made my decision)
Date: Sat Feb 13 04:53:46 1999

This is actually Rose, BTW.

After sitting here for two hours or more, first looking at Jars of Clay stuff, then wandering about the web looking for "NO YELLING ON THE BUS!" sound clips ... SOMETHING *DID* GET ACCOMPLISHED.

I have made my decision as to who the best Jar of Clay is.

Yes, I have.

This is a momentous day.

Isn't it?

A momentous *moment!*

You're all on the edge of your seats, right?

Well, after careful deliberations in which I pored over countless pictures and ... photographs ... and ... sound clips of "Billy Madison" ... I have come to an informed decision.

Now ... I know someone's going to be disappointed here.

But my decision is final.

From: Rose
Date: Sat Feb 13 04:56:09 1999

My final decision.

I *do* know the four Jars of Clay:

Charlie Lowell, Steven Mason, Matthew Odmark, and Dan Hasaltine.

I decided right off that Matt was just too strange looking for me. That was settled.

Secondly, Charlie looked like a dcTalk guy, and since I wasn't considering dcTalk people, I decided, well, heck, no.


Meanwhile, there were Steven and Dan left. And I misspelled "Stephen's" name.

My final decision. My favorite Jar of Clay is not:


My favorite Jar of Clay is ...

Stephen Mason.

Thank you and goodnight.

From: Smith (Mork)
Date: Mon Feb 15 19:36:22 1999


Because she likes Stephen and not Dan. :P Sami. Badness. Smut!

GO away.


From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 15 22:05:06 1999

happiness is finding a peanut

I really do wish I'd actually seen Billy Madison.

Then maybe I'd know.

yet I do not.

woah man.

I'm glad I am a shaker, I'm glad I am sha-aker, I'm glad I am a shaker, ye followers of the lamb.
We had to sing that for choir. loudly and on high notes. Dot, I think your neighbors would appreciate that in one of our exclusive "porch concerts" don't you?? I really do.
I'll teach it to you, don't worry.

It will be the most fab.

I am Freddie Prinze Jr.

From: Smith (smith_mork@chickmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 15 22:31:23 1999

Freddie Prinze Jr. is a person of SHEER delight.:)

i do enjoy the boy.
"she's all that" is a nice flick. AYE.
Amen, sisteh!

From: HA! HA! HA! (blaah!)
Date: Tue Feb 16 15:56:33 1999


happiness is a large heap of mashed potatoes, with a lake of gravy and butter splotted on it.


From: Smith
Date: Tue Feb 16 17:55:02 1999



From: Rose
Date: Thu Feb 18 14:06:41 1999

Who is Sami?

And why is she banished?

From: Chester P. Flabergaster (nope)
Date: Thu Feb 18 15:50:53 1999

good job

I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Dot/Lucy for playing the piano for the choir. She does a good job, and hopefully, she'll keep playing for a while.

From: Dot/Lucy (!)
Date: Thu Feb 18 17:31:33 1999


Thanks, chaz! :)

From: in the night....................... (there was a song..............)
Date: Fri Feb 19 16:37:02 1999

which makes my heeeeeaaaartttttt.......sing alllllll nightttttt looooong.

now that is talent.
wow smith, I take it your choir experience went joyously! What songs are you ding? er...doing?
are they lovely sonatas or sofeggiotos in D flat harmonic-minor?
I'll bet!
Does Mr. Chazzzzzzerino go to that school, by chance?

You know, this is the kind of stuff I should really be writing to you in e-mail.... but oh well.
hmmm......I'm just rah. and geesh.

From: it (that)
Date: Fri Feb 19 23:38:23 1999


Rose, do you know how funny that Jar of Clay thing would sound to someone who didn't know they were a singing group?
"well, MY favorite jar of clay is Stephen." "Well, My favorit jar of clay is Dan".
Do you understand? wow. anyway, I certainly found it amusing as ever.
Personallly I don't have a favorite jar. of clay.
I listen to.......................the GOO GOO DOLLS, only the best group EVER!
which reminds me I have not listened to their CD in over a week.
I think perhaps I'll go now. You can pretty safely bet that now I'm going to go listen to a CD. which one???? oooooooooohhh, I'll never tell.

From: Tick & Flick (tickflick@howamusing.com)
Date: Sat Feb 20 02:19:00 1999

Wowie pajamas.

A failed liposuction.... that would be BADNESS. what if it did the reverse, and you ended up looking a mite sumo-wrestlerish? that would be pure sadness.
amen, sisteh.
pardon my lack of typing skill right now. i'm tired. and i'm glazing over. just like a donut!!! j/k ;)
anyway. see ya. wouldn't wanna be ya. I HATE THAT PHRASE. yesness. amen.

From: Rose
Date: Mon Feb 22 09:48:17 1999

I want to ride an airplane.

Right now. I'm serious. I do. I want to ride an airplane. They're so FUN!! I'm serious! They're so great. I dreamed about riding an airplane last night. But something bad happened in my dream. I still want to ride one, though.

Cause I'm LEAVING on a JET PLANE!! I don't know when I'LL BE BACK AGAIN!!

I hate school. It's retarded.


From: smith
Date: Tue Feb 23 18:39:14 1999

sum and substance.

i love sixpence! they're the *best*. Sixpence none the richer. aye aye oi oi. amen, sisteh. a lot of people call 'em "melancholy" and "depressing", though. i like 'em. they do sort of have a saddish sound. oh well. I LIKE THEM. "kiss me" is sheer delight.

From: chazzzzzzzzzzzino (blah!)
Date: Fri Feb 26 15:49:00 1999


I need some advice.

What color tux should I rent for the prom-but-not-prom thing?

I'm debating either a black tux with a red bow tie, or a light blue tux.

From: chaz (again)
Date: Fri Feb 26 15:56:04 1999


I don't want to wear a plain black tux with a black tie, and a white shirt. That would be boring.

From: Smith
Date: Fri Feb 26 16:20:11 1999

Chaz's suit.

I think you should get a BANANA yellow tux. with a PURPLE bowtie and cumberbumd and a RED shirt.
be sure to contact agent wondebra about accesorizing!!!

From: Jos
Date: Fri Feb 26 19:30:54 1999

Chaz's Tux

Ok I would have to say go with the black with red tie.

From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 27 14:40:45 1999

So....kiss me. (it's a song)

that's a really nice song. From "she's all that". pure delight.
ahem. I'll give my thoughts on this tuxedo questiong.
accesorize with pantyhose, lipstick, and a Wonderbra and you'll be the belle of the ball, chaz!

From: smith
Date: Sun Feb 28 01:16:09 1999

amen, sisteh!

amen, abi. i agree. chaz would look dapper in that ensamble!

From: Everybody Duck!
Date: Sun Feb 28 18:55:14 1999

*bang* *bang* ban* got EM!

yah chaz you'd better ask agent wonderbra for tux advice. after all he is the great helper isn't he? or she? or what ever it is :) and ah yes I would like to ride in a jet plane.. donno when I'll be back again :) humm maybe next month.. I think I'll go to disney world :) tell ya about that one later sami oh wait she's been banned ah what a pitty.

From: Rose (Who is Sami?)
Date: Sun Feb 28 23:41:43 1999

And who wrote that last entry???

Was that Al? I would guess that it might be. But my first guess would have to be Agent Wonderbra, although why he would refer to himself in the third person I don't know. But I picked Al, because it's not Chaz or Dot or Jos or Abi and no one else writes in this thing.

And "Everybody Duck" is a musical group. I thought you'd all like to know it. Yep. Bye!

From: agent W (clarksmurg@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 1 19:03:59 1999

it was not me!!!!!!

i didn't write that rose. my guess is that it was al. but it was not me!!!!

bye, the W

From: abi (eh?)
Date: Tue Mar 2 16:08:48 1999


Hi you guys! I'm sitting in the school computer lab because I don't want to go home quite yet. yes it's thrilling. I am surrounded by strange people, even stranger than rhoda if you can imagine it!
It's lovely
There is this one kid who is always in here who ALWAYS hits his head on this metal bar we have in the middle of the hallway. EVERY SINGLE TIME HE GOES BY IT HE RUNS INTO IT. I SWEAR.
It's the highlight of my day.
Guess what? I might be coming to Perry soon when my aunt has the twins (two more flossing raptors!)
so yay! Breadeaux and Ben Franklin!

From: Double O (00)
Date: Tue Mar 2 16:31:53 1999


Clint Eastwood wears a red bow tie to the Oscars, and academy awards, and all those other stupid award shows.

From: chaz (why doesn't anybody write their e-mail address here?)
Date: Tue Mar 2 16:33:19 1999


gee, that really helped. Thanks a lot.

I now know who not to ask for advice.


From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 3 22:33:21 1999

don't worry be happy...how dumb.

Chaz I really wouldn't worry too much about your tux. I say pink, but whatever floats your boat.
I feel especially short today. but I'm not the shortest one in the school. There's still hope!

From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 3 22:41:00 1999

I have to talk about current events.

me again. did anyone watch that Monica Lewinsky thing?
She's like "I just want everyone that watches this to realize that I'm not how everyone thinks I am."
But she is!
she's exactly how I thought she would be.
And I won't say what THAT is because it isn't nice or lovely at all but you all know what I mean.
And her and Barbara Walters were wearing hot pink lipstick. which just made me dislike her EVEN MORE.

From: joanna (smith_mork@chickmail.com)
Date: Thu Mar 4 23:13:29 1999

hello,dear! (hi, darling.)

Ok. Abi. WHEN did this hapen? YOU"RE COMING TO PERRY???????? WHEEEE! hallelujah, dear.
we have to rent "annie" and reminisce of our fun "miss hannigan" days, eh? amen, sisteh.
it shall be fun to haunt the nailpolish/lipstick/candy aisle at Ben Franklins...now that julia works there, especially!
I like this Cher song.
GOO GOO DOLLS KICK BOOTIE! enjoyable folks, they are! i can see why youlove them, mel!
two more flossing raptors......oh fright!!!

From: yello
Date: Sat Mar 6 11:30:01 1999


well.. well ... well... I got sleep today.. so I'm happy.. strange how those are related.. oh well :) yay abbi is comming to town... wonderful joy. ;) humm I still have to get my tux. maybe today would be a good day.. or sometime soon :) anyhow ... see ya al later if not sooner... AL

From: Rose (That amuses me.)
Date: Sat Mar 6 14:00:47 1999

No, really. It does.

The kid at Abi's school that runs into the bar in the middle of the hallway every day. "That's the highlight of my day." BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA.

That is amusing.

I cannot type today.


From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Mar 6 17:36:28 1999

Make your school an "ED-SAFE SCHOOL"

ROFL!!!!!!!!! weeeee...guess who ran into the pole today at solo/ensemble contest???
My mom saw it and ran up to me like, "I saw it!! It was so weird! what a strange kid!"
His name is Ed.
It was funny, cuz the grade school doesn't have any poles in it, so Amy said it was an Ed-Safe school. Well, it *was* funny at the time.
anyway, I'm in a fab mood. I got first places on all my stuff. yay. My judge said I played my piece very Chopiny. (that's a neat new word for us, Smith!)
anyway, I'm not trying to sound conceited or anything, I'm just excited that I didn' butcher everything, especially piano.

From: abi again (wwwww)
Date: Sat Mar 6 17:41:47 1999

let me clarify

let me explain something. he ran into the pole in the high school, but we were later in the grade school. just so you don't think that he ran into it and the later I said there were no poles.

From: smith
Date: Sun Mar 7 23:38:28 1999

CHOPINY! i love it.

mel, i love it! chopiny! was it the "chopin song"? You see, guys and girls, there is only ONE chopin song. it's *the* chopin song. aye. I dont know if i play it very chopiny, though. i haven't played it for quite a spell. I should, though. I have this neato neato song, now. "prelude in c# minor" by rachmaninoff or some guy like that. it's ... suspenseful sounding. BAM....BAM....BAAAAAAAAAAM...... i enjoy it. still working on it, though. but i do love it. it's *eh*.
i was gonna plya in a piano competition a while ago, but the peopel kept rescheduling, and so on, so i didn't. yeah.
see ya.

From: chaz (SkinnyCat007@frigidmail.tom)
Date: Tue Mar 9 15:21:44 1999

I'm happy :D

because I've decided two important things.
1. What kind of tux to wear to prom.
2. Who to take to prom.

Revelation #1 I'm wearing an inverted tux. (White coat, black shirt, white tie...)

Revelation #2 Number 2 shall remain a secret for now.

From: Wow. (Wow@Wow.Wow)
Date: Tue Mar 9 23:09:06 1999


Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW. WOw. wOW. wOw.

From: shut (up)
Date: Wed Mar 10 09:42:47 1999


SHUT UP. Shut up. ShUt Up. sHuT uP. SHut UP.

From: Joanna (Yes, it's me)
Date: Wed Mar 10 19:24:11 1999

Is a topic neccesary? I think not.

Oh, sakes. *sigh*

From: se (Well.)
Date: Thu Mar 11 20:53:32 1999

I wrote "Rose" and it decided to chop it off, so I'm going to LEAVE IT THAT WAY!!! HAHAHA!!!!


Well, I startled myself to death.

Imagine me.

Clicking into http://mail.yahoo.com. Imagine me putting in my little name and my little password.

Imagine me, seeing that I had one new piece of mail, going to my inbox. Then, imagine me, look at the "Sender" of this new piece of mail and imagine it saying: "Newsboys." Now, imagine me having a heartattack and nearly falling out of my chair.

It's just tour info, anyway. Well, that's what the subject said. I guess I *could* go read it. But I felt the need to share it.

Good scares.

Bad scares.


From: Rose (Ah.)
Date: Thu Mar 11 20:58:41 1999

Much better.

I actually get all my name in there this time. Apparently it's GOOD enough for this guestbook now, when as BEFORE. Apparently, it wasn't.


Don't know where that came from.

Anyway, little update on my exciting life in the yahoo mail business.

The Newsboys were writing me to tell me that I could win an exclusive tour jacket at http://www.musicforce.com/newsboys.




P.S. AAAUGH I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED ALL STAR UNITED. Oh, that makes me mad. And supposedly they signed a magazine for me, but no one knows where it is. Only *Jorie* knows where it is ... And she's ... well, I don't know. But she wasn't there tonight. Adam and Dawn were. And they don't know. There is also an update in my life at Lemstone's, too ...

From: joanna
Date: Thu Mar 11 23:15:28 1999

Whoa. that startled me. rose....you were on this whole newsboys thing, and you said somethinga bout an autographed magazine, and i was like,"newsboys....they signed a magazine for you? WHEN were they in iowa??? did i miss the concert? oh, crappiness!" sakes. don't scare me like so! if you're going to have a topic, stick, to the topic. if you're going to change topics, have a transitional sort of subject. like, say....ironing boards, or horse's norse hair, or Gwyneth Paltrow's panty hose. just nothing so abrupt. thank you, and goodnight.

From: abi (NEVER)
Date: Sat Mar 13 00:39:30 1999










From: joanna
Date: Sat Mar 13 00:44:19 1999

In the words of Fival..... "never say never agaaaaaaain."
I HATE THAT MOVIE. Fival is scary. "We're going to have .... a 'wowie'!!" lol! such fun.

From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Mar 14 01:02:53 1999

fivel goes west

we saw fivel goes west at the same theater as Meet Joe Black.
wow. news.
I'm half done with my report. It's 12:00 midnight. bye

From: joanna
Date: Sun Mar 14 17:42:57 1999


I do recall that occasion!!! i do. fivel goes west. that's also the theater where i saw man in the iron mask! dots do NOT roll. water spills easily. and m and m's DO roll!!
LOL! this guy who's at the rec, on IM is asking me out. i kindly declined. :) He's not even in school. Frankly, if he's not in school, he's an automatic "NO". geesh. people these days!!! :)
so anyway.
i also saw the new star trek movie in that theater.
glorious good times!

From: joanna
Date: Sun Mar 14 17:45:54 1999


this guy (at the rec) is 16 and in the 9th grade. poor boy. (he lied, earlier. he *is* in school...)
sad, sad state of affairs.
i ENJOY this cd. "rebecca st. james...pray" good stuff.
AGH! he wants my address. NOPE. NOT gonna tell him. NO WAY.
i just asked him if he was david harland. hes not. his name is Dony Diaz.
Wow. Elation.this boy scares me.

From: joanna
Date: Sun Mar 14 17:48:27 1999


hehehhe!!!!!! this guy (rec center guy) just left. because i wouldn't give him my phone number. such funniness!

From: abi (rhoda@chickmail.com)
Date: Sun Mar 14 20:23:47 1999

Go Joanna, you stud, you!

wow. boys galore.
what peachiness. At least he didn't ask you for your hand in marriage, that would be laughable.
Okay, the report is suffering from bad stuff. I lost the first part oops so now amy's going to have to come back when she gets home (9:00, yikes) and redo it. That will be *fun*
anyway, I must go and write about the jitterbug and the New Deal.
oh! I tried on the most lovely prom dress today. dark purple with silver sparkles. the words povertish and vertically-challenged came to mind. oh well.
flabby abi

From: Rose
Date: Mon Mar 15 09:27:20 1999

Hey, wait.

Didn't we see Man in the Iron Mask upstairs? I believe we did. I believe someone was mistaken. Because the Meet Joe Black theater was the tiny one downstairs.

I'm in the mood to read inspiring saying. I don't know why, I just am.

BTW, Abi, that "Never, never, never" entry ... Was that meant to lead somewhere? Because if it was ... it got cut off.

Everythiiiiiiiing's gonna be allllll riiiiiight, Rockabyyyyyyyyyyyyye ... Rockabyyyyyyyyye. Everythiiiiiiiiing's gonna be alll riiiiight, Rockabyyyyyye ....


From: Rose (LOL)
Date: Mon Mar 15 09:42:42 1999


Some people are so strange. I was leaving the chorus room after my non-exist chorus lesson, and Tony Cicchi met me in the hall. He said, "Hey, Sami! Will you buy me a pop?"

I'm like, "Well ... I don't have much money ..."

And he said, "Oh, no, I'll give you the money."

So I said fine, and I took his dollar and bought him a Mountain Dew, and then I asked, "So, why is it that I'm buying you pop with your own money?"

And he said, "Because I gave up vending machines for Lent."

Oh, really. Apparently so. Although, I think it's cheating to do that.

But then he said, "Technically, I bought the pop off you."

Actually, no, you just gave me money and had *me* buy the pop, but whatever ...

Amusing experience in the morning.

Ahhhh, good times in Dallas Center-Grimes High School. *snicker* *SMIFF* I'm so proud of my school. NOT.

From: Rose (Oh, dear.)
Date: Mon Mar 15 09:52:08 1999

Dear, dear, dear, dear me. Dear.

Yeah, anyway.

I was sitting here, waiting for little Eric Bigley, the fourth grader I tutor, to get finished doing whatever with this worksheet Mrs. Paul made.

So, anyway, I was reading through some of the guestbook entries and it struck me as EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY hilarious that ...

Stephen Mason. MASON JAR!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!

I think I frightened Eric.

I tried to contain myself, but I escaped.


Man, oh, man.

I cannot believe my prom dress is eggplant. DUH. What a dumb color for my prom dress to be. But I will NOT YIELD. I WILL FOREVER WEAR BURGANDY EARRINGS!! FOR*EVER*!!!!!

And ever ... you'll stay in my heart and I will love you ... Together, together, that's how I will be ...

Er, we.



I'm much more cheerful now that I know no one hates me and no one's mad at me and I freesparred Dave and kicked his butt. :D Too bad he never reads these ... Go and break my watch, too, that's th

From: I (AM)
Date: Mon Mar 15 10:06:21 1999


not much else to say, really.

From: joanna
Date: Mon Mar 15 19:38:39 1999

WELL! you know what, ab? some guy from New Zealand actually did ask for my hand in marraige, once. i declined.
Mandy bought me a Mason Jar for my birthday. full of jelly belly jelly beans.
LOL! rose, when you were speaking about kicking dave's butt, i thought you meant literally, and i was like, "he should sue for sexual assault." anyway. i re-read it, and then i was like, "ooooh. i see. you go, girl." :)

From: Rose (Confusion abounds)
Date: Mon Mar 15 22:04:48 1999

Ummmm ...

Why would you actually think I was kicking Dave's butt? Ohhhh, ROFL ROFL ROFL!!! ROFL!!!! I GET IT NOW.

No, I wasn't mad at him. I thought he was mad at *me*. OH ROFL!! That's funny.

No, I didn't injure him. I just sounded sad and pitiful (which I was) and he said he wasn't mad at me. That's all.

And then we freesparred.


Because the sad and pitiful part was on the computer ...

From: Rose (I hate it when it cuts off what you're saying.)
Date: Mon Mar 15 22:10:00 1999

My last message was not cut off, but the one about Dave breaking my watch was.

But I broke his, so I think that's fine. He can break mine. J and Riss and Julia put it back together. Except they set it about two hours ahead and I panicked, because I thought it was 10 o'clock and it was really dumb ...


That's right.



And "dust." Oh, man, Dot, I wish you had been here. :D Except, that wouldn't have worked.

I would have been, like, "Ohhh, ummmmm ... B--no, that won't work. Ummm ... D--no, I can't say that. How about q--no ... not that either." It would be "Taboo," except if I said something WRONG you would have gotten it, but ... BADNESS! :)




P.S. I could have said, "Necklace." I wonder if you would have gotten it then? Hmmmmm.

From: CHz (WRONG!)
Date: Tue Mar 16 12:31:52 1999


Yay!!! I got darn near perfect in Composition II. 99% for the entire trimester, to be exact. Jeff got 95%.


From: Iron Man (Chaz)
Date: Thu Mar 18 13:28:29 1999


Forgive me for my short attention span, but did rose get a different e-mail address? I tried sending one to RosesWWJD, but it didn't make it.

From: not Vince Vaughn (vince vaughn@hotmail......nope!)
Date: Fri Mar 19 00:25:57 1999

Definitely NOT vince vaughn

I won't even talk about it. It's much to upsetting. I will say that it has to do with Vince Vaughn, though, OK?
oh smut.....ew....yogurt on my sleeve......ick.
-Vince Vaughn and I know none of that made any sense but it's in code dont' you see? not that anyone but me knows the code.
And I haven't quite figured out what exactly I mean, but I can tell you that YOU will never know. Haha. code
CODE, huh John? yes, definitely code

From: i (will)
Date: Fri Mar 19 00:28:00 1999

never telll

so if hearing aids are supposed to be discreet, we should definitely make them bright red, don't you think? I certainly do.
big and red.
big red nasty THING sticking out of your ear.
How about tan?

From: Jos and Smith (No.)
Date: Tue Mar 23 20:00:07 1999


No. NO. nO. no.
Moving on, MMM good cheesecake. well, we're ASSUMING it's good. alright. Mandy just left to use the restroom.
meow <--- that was my cat. He's a GEM. he just moved off of my lap. Now i've got cat hair in my nose. *achoo*. badness.
My cat's dancing!

From: Rose (RoseDust17@aol.com)
Date: Thu Mar 25 17:39:30 1999

I'm a psychopath

I just about wrote "@worldnet.att.net" but caught myself on "@worldne" I think I know why I wrote that, though, because I ususally write stuff to Jos, and her address ends in 17, and then I add the worldnet stuff. You know? No, you don't.


Except for the scary guy at Wartburg. And no one here would qualify as that guy.


From: Al
Date: Sat Mar 27 14:13:08 1999


wow.. much happens here when you don't pay attention. I haven't been here for a week.. no 2 and look! it took me over a half hour to catch up on all the postings.. oh and mandy.. don't be laughing at the not paying attention part.. where wasn't any joke intended... although I do believe that's why I haven't been here.. I've been well.. n/m anyways on with live.. 'good great grand wonderful" sami got mail from newsboys. My brother is still working on his truck been at it all day.. what joy it's aobut running now.. sorta :) *squeek* what's new.. oh thanks so much sami for the popcorn.. you truly did help save private ryan :) "no yelling on the bus" humm... sami ????? are you ... are...... are you???? gong to ask :)****:) to prom????? eh? I think you should of called and well I've already told you :) lol
ok time to clean out some junk from you room what fun.. good thing mom's home to help .. lol

adios and have a good day :)

From: Joanna (No.)
Date: Sat Mar 27 15:31:05 1999



From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Mar 28 21:56:40 1999


I wanted to get the Sixpence None the Richer CD today when we were shopping. But when I went into the music store I forgot what I was there for and just wandered around like a fool for a while till my studly new sandals (1 & 1/2 inch ones!!!) started to chafe.
my life is thrilling

From: al
Date: Mon Mar 29 19:42:31 1999

lonely lonely lonely

humm... I'm lonely... everyone is at the DC talk concert. and it's sad stuff aobut millers isn't it? wouldn't it be scarry to wake up one day and realize that your parents dissapeared without a trace? *sigh* I hope they find the crash soon... and hope they are all ok. well well well.. golf was fun... I did par over the lake.. I'm happy that just made my day.. I didn't loose a ball YAY days like these should be remembered. well well well.. what to do. ;) I coudl bable endlessly .. I could... oh yay abi's comming tomarrow... why am I so excited.. I don't have spring break anymore! drat. that's depressing in it's self :) but aye! what a fun spring break it was though! my car sparkles.. I washed it yesterday.. oh joyus fun. I've run out of stuff to say. I suppose I will see everyone wednesday! I guess... I'm not sure what will happen with golf and all.. humm... here's a joke for ya.. why do golfers bring 2 pairs of pants??????

From: a;
Date: Mon Mar 29 19:45:44 1999


"incase they get a HOLE IN ONE!"


hey it's even funnier if you know the story behind that one! guess you will just have to ask won't you??? eh ... aye.. yes you will..

ok I shall finish up homework now. i have nothing to do tonight!!!! dad has the computer... well not now.. but when he get's home he will.. I bet you wanted to know that didn't you eh??? ha!

btw you need to shorten this guest book... it takes far too long to load! ok me done now.. see ya all later!

In God's Love

From: Chaz (The golfer)
Date: Wed Mar 31 11:50:43 1999

Who can't golf yet...

Because I managed to wreck a ligament in my shoulder. So I'm supposed to take it easy for a few days. I might try it anyway, since it doesn't hurt anymore.


From: Rose (Rose@rose.rose)
Date: Sat Apr 3 01:10:09 1999

Al, I have a couple of people I want you to meet ...

Come in here, guys ... Come on ... Don't be shy ... Yes, that's a way, come on in here.

Now, you see him over there? Yes, that's Al. He's the one I told you about. Yes. That's him.

Al, I'd like you to meet a fun little guy we like to refer to as "The Bringer of Capitalization." Get to know him well. He likes to assist with your writing. Use him often!

And this girl over here is "The Paragraph Fairy." She likes to help with writing, too. You use her more sparingly than the "Bringer of Capitalization," but she's very useful, nonetheless.

Glad you guys could get acquainted.


From: Rose
Date: Sat Apr 3 01:13:28 1999

I ...


I'm retarded.


From: Rose (I don't know.)
Date: Sat Apr 3 01:17:13 1999

I have a very important announcment to announce.

Yes. It's very important. And I want you all to be the first ones to hear it!!

Brace yourself, this is earth shattering ...


He had a wedding ring on, though. It's tragic.

Of course, I wear one on that finger, so ...



From: Chaz (hahahaha)
Date: Mon Apr 5 12:22:40 1999


I found a college student who takes pictures of people and distorts them. Most are phunny, some are phreaky. Anyway, I told him about your picture of Matt Damon that you all admire. He's gonna distort it to no end!! He'll look even stupider than he already does!!!!!!

This guy's website is http://webpages.marshall.edu/~jtoney/facepage.html

From: joanna (rah)
Date: Thu Apr 8 23:22:52 1999

you know what? my computer is functioning, now.
i have to pee.

golf. yes. well, i've only "mini-golfed" and i beat everyone that i played with.rah.i got a....i donno.
and it was UNDER PAR!!!!!!!!! it wisconsin.
i think it was under par, anyway.
i like big words. yes. at the whopping age of 4 i amused my family because i knew 2 big words. "nocturnal" and "oviporous" (spelling...????).

From: Ch@Z (acidBurn)
Date: Wed Apr 14 14:21:25 1999


Mr. E gave me a great idea for a photo.
A golfer immedately after hitting the golf ball, but everything is sitting perfectly still.
I don't think the school's cameras are fast enough to do that, though.

Anyway, I outdrove Tiger Woods yesterday. I hit a 375 yard drive. Unfortunately, the green was only 314 yards away. I got a birdie yesterday too!! but not on the same hole. If you don't believe me, ask Al. He was there.

From: abi (moldyapple@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 14 16:55:58 1999

haha, rose, that's amusing!!

I had to read that paragraph fairy thing twic before I figured out what you meant. For some reason I thought you were talking about politics when you said capitalization bringer. But now I can't remember why. oh well. funny funny
I'm at school because our computer is STILL unhooked up. It's very upsetting not having IM. everything's in E-MAIL and it bothers me.
I'm in the computer lab now with the black lights on and some odd German music playing. I don't think it's very nice, althought this song has an "X-files ring" to it. ya know?
dooooooo dooo dooooooooo.....doooo dooooo. no I suppose that doesn't help.
this has probably gotten cut off by now

From: sMiTh
Date: Wed Apr 14 23:19:54 1999

DoN't YoU jUsT hAtE iT wHeN pEoPlE wRiTe LiKe ThIs? I cErTaInLy Do. I tHiNk ThAt I wIlL sToP.
how is everyooooone? Im great. good. supERB, for taht matter!
yes, and i do declare, taht the sun is shiniiiiing.
you know what?? I like dcTalk...i was listening to them a while ago. ...... "Hey you... I'm into Jesus, oh, yeah, hey you, I'm into Jesus.....heeeeeeey yooou, i'm into jesus, oh, yes.....i see the proof....and....." something like that.

From: lyrical bandit (qwerty)
Date: Thu Apr 15 12:24:55 1999


I saw it all from my bubble on the 15th floor
I was so unaware as I sank into my leather chair
Upon my throne I was known as untouchable
The smoke was creepin in, my castle walls were wearing thin.
It took a fire to inspire me to make my move
Cigarette in a garbage can
Changed the ways of this corporate man
It was time for a radical plan

From: Rose (Rose@Rose.Rose)
Date: Sat Apr 17 12:57:04 1999

Tiger Woods.

He hits 400 yard drives. No one can beat him. He's the king.



Yes, that's right. He came to visit me, and a few minutes ago, he left. He's never coming back, because we had a big fight about his weight problem. It got ugly.

From: Jos (no)
Date: Sat Apr 17 16:02:37 1999

Tiger Woods

You tell him, Rose! :)

From: joanna
Date: Sat Apr 17 19:37:07 1999

i have a misison

i am to find a *gorgeous* photo of Freddie Prinze Jr., and send it to miss marissa, so she can see the *DEAR* boy!
yes. ooooh, it shall be a hard task, but i'm willing to try it!!!
oh, and rose.....amen, sisteh!

This is that good processed turkey!!!

Date: Mon Apr 19 23:12:47 1999

i have to pee.

Date: Mon Apr 19 23:14:25 1999

not anymore

From: Iron Man (Chaz)
Date: Tue Apr 20 09:36:26 1999

flower humor

I went to Shaepaugh's (is that how you spell it?) and bought a corsage for Jessica for SB. The lady there had the laughable impression that I had any idea what I was looking for. I am completely flower illiterate. She just listed a bunch of different kinds of stuff they could get and I picked one at random. She said it will look nice, but I'll have to take her word for it.

Then Jessica said she went to some flower shop to buy me something and she correctly told the clerk that I wouldn't care too much what kind of flower it was. What can I say, we're guys; we're easy. :) She could pick a dandilion for me and I'd be happy.

From: joanna
Date: Wed Apr 21 13:32:26 1999

right now, i'm printing out the LOVELY program. I"M not printing it, my printer is. i'm just making sure that the printer doesn't make any mistakes. :)

Date: Wed Apr 21 13:33:55 1999


Chaz......about the "we're guys, we're easy" statement regarding flowers. SOME guys do care. there is a guy that my dad works with, and he KNOWS his flowers, and he's probably care:).
you mean, PERSONALLY you ahve no preference, aye?

From: Chaz (yeah)
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:35:00 1999

flowers, the epic continues....

That's right, whoever just wrote that little tidbit. I'd care more that she got flowers for me than what kind they were.

That reminds me of this one fruity guy on TV who lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps flowers. He makes me sick. :)


From: Joanna
Date: Thu Apr 22 12:39:12 1999

Sick Flower Lovers

LOL!!! Chaz... <<fruity guy on TV who lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps flowers. >>
Was that guy on....."BED OF ROSES"???? (The LAME movie??) If so, he's not fruity. Just merely a psycho guy...."Here...step out HIGH onto my rooftop, I've only known you for about 3 minutes, but you trust me, right? of course you do. oh, and now why don't i give you a big kiss, although, neither of us knows if the other one is married, or not, but it'll be fine... i'll just send you all the roses on the face of the planet, scare you to death, and maybe you'll love me..."
Insane man, i tell you.
DREADFULLY insane and scary.

From: Josephine (yeppers)
Date: Thu Apr 22 18:52:26 1999


I find it amusing that when you're buying a boutinere, they only ask you "Red or white rose?". But if you buy a corsage, they ask "What color roses?" "3 or 5 roses?" "What color ribbon?" "What color of sparkles?"

Women. We're so complicated aren't we? :)

From: Chaz (uh)
Date: Fri Apr 23 11:37:16 1999

(with goofy accent) Flowers

Uh, no that's not the fruity guy I was talking about. He's on the Victory Garden.

But you're right, the guy you described sounds pretty freaky.

From: Dagubew Bandits (Dagubew@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Apr 24 13:09:12 1999


Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew! Dagubew!
hehehehe.......we're BAck!!!!!!!!1

Date: Sun Apr 25 20:02:44 1999

The rain in Spain......

Falls mainly on the plain.

I'm incredibaly tired.

From: Chaz
Date: Tue Apr 27 11:53:44 1999

When I have something remotely intelligent to say...

I will no longer remain silent......

From: ~~~~~~ (********)
Date: Wed Apr 28 17:55:30 1999


Don't you just *love* squirrels?

From: Grrrr
Date: Fri Apr 30 11:23:09 1999

I love squirrels

They are mighty tastey. :)

From: AAAAAAAAH! (!!!!!!!)
Date: Fri Apr 30 15:39:35 1999


NOOOOOOO. Squirrels should not be EATEN!!!!!!! They're such CUTE little things. they should be looked at. and ... loved. rah.

From: Rose (Well then.)
Date: Sat May 1 00:40:02 1999

That's my email address. Well then.

I haven't been here in awhile. I'd like to say, my corsage thing was delightful, although it "puked" halfway through supper. I don't know why, but the petals started falling out. It was tragic.

Also, ummmm, there was an also.

OH YES! Speaking of dead squirrels, I HIT A DEAD RACCOON!! RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!! I plowed over it with my car. Ohhhhh, the tragedy of it all.

And my dad got me an Alpine CD player and Boston A-something speakers. Everyone was impressed. Well, not everyone, but the male individuals were. Apparently, they're expensive or something. I have a remote control. Oh, yes. From the driver's seat.


From: Jos (Ummm. I don't think you need it.)
Date: Sat May 1 23:02:18 1999

In keeping with the recent theme of dead squirrels....

.... I ran one over yesterday while delivering flowers. It smeared all over the street.

From: Rose (You know what song I like?)
Date: Sun May 2 14:35:37 1999

Well, I'm not going to tell you.

J/K! Well, if I were to keep in theme with the previous two entries (one of which I wrote myself, of coures) I'd have to say that the song I like is "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road."

Yes, that's a real song. And, oh, story time.

My dad used to sing that all the time when we were young, and I didn't think it was a real song. He swore it was, and one day I was in my brother's room when I wasn't supposed to be and for some reason decided to turn on the radio and as soon as I turned it on this song came on!!

It was rather weird, being that I shouldn't have even been in my brother's room, let alone playing with his radio.

But I did.

From: Rose (Dust)
Date: Sun May 2 14:37:33 1999

There's more.

Anyway, so I listened to it and it was SO FUNNY. It was, really, rather funny.

And the other day, my English teacher Mr. Sales was talking about remembering that "olfactory" meant "smell" and he mentioned that song. He's fun. He always mentions songs. Ah, fun times.

Oh. I remember another time when I was in my brother's room and this time, I was allowed to be there. Tami and Kyle were spending the week with us because it was Christmas and Christopher and Kyle were playing poker.

From: Anasazi (I haven't used that name in FOREVER.)
Date: Sun May 2 14:40:09 1999


So, they're playing poker and Tami and I come into their room and it smelled funny like always, of course. Anyway, that's not the point, but it smelled funny and they were playing poker. This reminds me of that Squishy Squash essay Linus wrote because I'm being dumb and repeating everything a billion times.

So, we thought we'd help them by dealing out the cards. Well, Tami and I decided after about two hands that THAT wasn't fun, no no. We began ORGANIZING the cards so that one or the other would get an insanely high hand.

And my brother never figured it out. ROFL!! It was so funny. I mean, when Kyle got a royal flush twice in a row, you would have thought he would have figured it out ...

Nope. He didn't. He swears he did, but he didn't. Funny things.

From: Rose (Red One)
Date: Sun May 2 14:41:13 1999

I never got to the point of my original subject thingie entry. Yes, that's it.

I LIKE THE SONG BY THE SPIN DOCTORS. The one that goes, "If you ... want to call me baby, just go ahead now, and if you want to tell me maybe ..."

Yes. That one.

It's delightful.


From: Joanna
Date: Sun May 2 15:01:40 1999

Munching on ice.

SPIN DOCTORS SING THAT SONG??? Wow. That song reminds me of going fishing (which i hate) with my cousin Frank(who i dont hate) and he was going to get married a few days after. It was great. He was singing this song, cos Heather (his fiancee) made him a tape of songs, and that was one of 'em. Yes, i thought that you'd all like to know that. I haven't seen Frank or Heather for quite a long time. Wow. Well, anyway. That's nice to know who sings that song. :)

From: Wowie (Wowie)
Date: Mon May 3 20:34:28 1999


Sami likes the W's.:)

From: Smithers (DeadSquirrel@squish.com)
Date: Tue May 4 11:26:30 1999

I ran over a squirrel

a few days ago. I wasn't sure if it was already dead or not, and I couldn't leave it there to writhe in agony, so I drove around the corner and hit it one more time to finish it off.

All of my goldfish are dead now. BAH!!

From: Smith
Date: Tue May 4 21:53:34 1999


Who just wrote that appaling entry? Was it you, Charlie? Hm....or, Sami? NO....you already wrote about killing, er, re-killing an animal.
oh well.
have a lovely day. and quit killing the squirrels, mind you.

From: Anonymous (OK)
Date: Tue May 4 22:33:57 1999



From: rah (and geesh)
Date: Tue May 4 22:52:26 1999


I don't care who that man was or why you threw him off the roof, i just want to know......ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR HAIRCUT???
pleasant dreams

From: Roo Dee Poo
Date: Wed May 5 11:12:44 1999

Kill the Squirrels. NOW!!

Nah, I'll let the cats take care of that. Sick 'em Fluffy!

From: EW
Date: Wed May 5 23:14:13 1999


Charlie. you are scaring me.
Get off of the drugs, or whatever is making you scare us, and then......we'll all be happy.

From: Roo Dee Poo
Date: Thu May 6 11:38:17 1999

I can't help it. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

I was attacked by a vicious ravenous man eating squirrel Tuesday. Actually, I was the man eating squirrel. :P

I almost ran over a cat last week. I really do like cats, and if I hadn't seen it and slammed on the brakes, it would be a lot thinner now, and I would feel bad. I have no such feelings for squirrels. They are all worthless tree rats and deserve to die.

Date: Thu May 6 18:53:47 1999

Today is the National Day of Prayer.
Except for in Minnesota, because their governor decided not to allow that. Stupid, isn't it? I think that it is. And the only other states that didn't declare a National Day of Prayer were Arizona and California. SCUMMY STATES.

From: Joanna
Date: Thu May 6 19:04:02 1999


You know what? A few weeks ago, Sami confessed that she really does love Matt Damon. She just said she hated him cos she loves him. Weird. Wait. She's told me that she loved me before. I'll bet that she hates me. *TRAGEDY*

From: Rose (What?)
Date: Thu May 6 23:52:36 1999


No, I said that I LOVED him and I PRETENDED to hate hime BECAUSE ... Ummm, I don't know why, but I love him, and I love you, too, Joanna. But I'm not marrying you, I'm marrying him.

What's the list now?

Me--Bruce Willis, the movie Godzilla, Peter Furler, and ... there was someone else.

You--everyone on the known planet, plus that fatherless Newsboys song.


OK, maybe not the ENTIRE known planet, but you know. Yes.


From: Chaz
Date: Fri May 7 11:28:46 1999

Neat Pic

Rose, I have a picture of Matt Damon that I "edited". I think you'll like it. Funny stuff.

From: abi (what?!?!?!)
Date: Sat May 8 18:21:48 1999

well now isn't that SWEET.

How nice, after all this time you finally come to your senses about Sir Matthew Damon.
I can't believe this. what a tragedy. you're just like the rest of us now. Pretty soon you'll become infatuated with Antonio Banderas and listen to EVITA 24/7, and won't that be a waste??? I hope that you don't.
Because.................yes. I have no idea why. because I'm hungry and I want some CHICKEN!!!!!

I have a piano recital tomorrow. ick. I don't know the song too well. eh. And I have to bow TWICE! When I go up there AND when I finish. I think I should just bow at the end. Don't you think that's ridiculous?

From: You may call me: Josephine Claire Marie Dawson Parker (I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.)
Date: Sun May 9 01:16:56 1999

Matt Damon

He is the flavor of the week.

From: Joanna (you don't say!)
Date: Sun May 9 19:38:44 1999

"That's quite a muffin."

Matt Damon is a lovely boy. Si.
I'm also married to...crappy, what was it? oh, yes. the Christmas seaseon.:)

From: Dot (Is Not)
Date: Tue May 11 00:17:56 1999


To the Christmas season.

I explicitly forbade her to get married to the Christmas season because it's just not RIIIIGHT. You cannot marry a season.

You can marry a movie, you can marry a song, you can marry a restaurant, you can marry Jasmin (WAIT! Not you can't, cause *I* have!) but you CANNOT marry a holiday.

From: (*) (((())))
Date: Tue May 11 11:48:05 1999

Marriage problems

Er, maybe it's just me, but shouldn't you people be marrying other PEOPLE?? instead of inanimate objects?

I fail to comprehend completely

From: Joanna
Date: Tue May 11 23:07:59 1999


I'm MARRIED TO THE "RAINMAKER"!! I mean Matt Damon. Not the WHOLE cast of the movie. Duh, no.:)
actually. i'm not. not married to ANYTHING.
i'm single.
i'm SINGLE. and UNMARRIED. rah!
no, i'm single and married.
duh. anyway. i just profess my love for Chandler RIGHT NOW, right here. yes. AND the song "Always" by the newsboys.

From: hi. (hi.)
Date: Wed May 12 23:11:58 1999


ya dont say.

From: Joanna
Date: Sat May 15 15:24:14 1999

Wanna hear something exciting???

I'm going to Costa Rica this summer with Teen Mania Missions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's REAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY EXCITING. Well, maybe not for all you fine people, but it is for me. :)
!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!
First, to Texas in Mid-July, then I go to Costa Rica for 2 weeks to do some drama and personal evanglism, and then, I go back to Texas for a wrap-up thingie, and THEN, back to Iowa! Oooh, laa!
Actually, Teen Mania hasn't called me, yet, to confirm that I'm going. OH WELL. When they do, I shall let you all know by signing this blessed guestbook. :) Yes. Well. I shall departeth, now.

From: Rose (Stuff)
Date: Sat May 15 18:17:47 1999

Four score and seven years ago ...

I started loading up this Guestbook. Then, a few moment ago, it got done loading.

Someone needs to move allllll these files to the "old guestbook entries" file!! WHOSE JOB IS THAT ANYWAY?

Oh, yeah, it's mine ...

From: sweet, chocolate-covered Kimmy (nuts)
Date: Sun May 16 19:53:50 1999

don't cry for me, Puerto Rico!

for I am ordinary, peachy-keeno!
and my heart will be strog..
If I could marry anyone in the world, it would be the big blue bear from that one show about a big blue bear. It would be him. Mrs. Big Blue Bear.
I love that show.
or maybe THteve. I would marry Thteve.
Joan of Arc, look at my face, isn't it strong.....or something like that......from Sunset Boulevard.
twisted boulevard......lal allaalalalala la la la lla....sunset boulevard......
i like that song

From: Rose (Nothing@nothing.net)
Date: Mon May 17 00:09:25 1999

Re: Don't cry for me, Puerto Rico.

Ricky Martin is from Puerto Rico.


I'll try to refrain from becoming a Ricky Martin fan because all he's got is looks and that one song. But I thought I'd mention that, lest anyone be wondering.

Ah, yes.