May 31, 1998


So Hanson decided they were coming with us. I could barely contain my joy. Really.

Well, since I went to the concert and didn't whine at all, they let me chose the first destination. Do I even need to tell you where it was? Australia, of course!

Because Lucy and I had never flown before, and because Rose has an obsession with pilots now, we decided to fly instead of using the "U. R. Fingers".

I probably would have enjoyed it if Lucy hadn't insisted that Isaak sit next to me. But did she care about my misery? No. She was next to Taylor, starring dreamily at him when he wasn't looking.

Isaak and I talked about guitars (probably the one thing we have in common) and he explained some about playing it. After that, the conversation was mostly one sided. I nodded my head and said "uh huh" every now and then, while Isaak rambled about the trials of being on the road all the time. I wasn't trying to be rude. It was just a boring conversation.

Every once and awhile I heard Lucy and Taylor laughing. Rose was trying to figure the time zones for Australia, and I heard Zac yell something about chocolate milk.

After we landed in Sydney, we went to our hotel which was quite nice. We were on the 24th floor in room 42K. The guys were across the hall. As we hauling luggage in, a slight scuffle arose as to which two of us were going to share the second bed. We worked it out after we realized that none of us were willing to sleep on the floor.

On the way out of the building I saw someone that looked familiar. "Hey Rose! Isn't that...?" Then Rose started screaming, "Oh my gosh!!! IT IS!!! It's Dave the Australian!" “Keep it down!", I said, "People are starring!" She didn't listen, and everyone else joined in. "Dave!" "Dave!" But unfortunately, our embarrassing ourselves was for nothing. He had just ducked into an elevator. To escape the foreigners that were making a scene in the lobby, no doubt.

Taylor really wanted to take a tour of the city and Lucy, of course agreed with him. Our guide was a bit bizarre. (We never should have let Zac pick) His name tag said "Bob", but he insisted that we call him "Muldoon". He was a middle aged man with a comb-over to hide his receding hair line and smelled strongly of corn flakes. Between the accent and the fact that he was missing several teeth, we could barely understand a thing he said.

"Yeah, and over there is the post office. And, oh, look! There's a bird! Oops! He should have been quicker in crossing the street! What a mess! That's really going to smell in a couple hours!"

We just gave each other looks said, "Whatever!"

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