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Date: Sun Sep 27 17:52:34 1998

Hi. Abi, the song..that Rose sings....it's be Shania Twain. Not from my Best Friends Wedding. Wow.


Rose, you cannot have that CD back. I like it too much.

I have a metronomE! WHEEEEE!

Date: Sun Sep 27 17:53:05 1998

I'm a nidiot.

I wrote, "It's be Shania Twain." No. It *is* Shania Twain.


From: Don't ask. (Don't bother me.)
Date: Sun Sep 27 18:17:23 1998


I'm in the worst mood. Don't talk to me, don't touch me, don't look at me, and don't laugh. I was just fine and dandy but now I'm not. And this is not a funny thing.
Not at all. There is a dark cloud above my head. I refuse to leave the house ever again. I'm sick of everyone making fun of me about stuff that is not funny. They think I mean one thing so they laugh, but I really said it for a different reason. They just have no idea. I swear no one understands me at all. And I'm sick of it.

From: Rose
Date: Mon Sep 28 11:04:31 1998

I hate the president.

Why did you write that one thing twice, Lucy? I think I shall have to delete it.

And if anyone is wondering, it's Jos that's pouting and never going to go out of the house again.

Jos, it's all right.

Don't cry.

It'll be fine.

It will.

After awhile.

From: Lucy ()
Date: Mon Sep 28 22:17:37 1998

*Must* I?

MUST I be the ONLY happy one here? *sigh* Sad person, be happy. Rose, we all know that the President isn't our first choice, and you can't do anything about that. So, guys, CHILL OUT! Geesh.

Must we vent in the GUESTBOOK? I should hope NOT!

I dont' know whyyyyyy......I feel really happy. Rose and Jos are talking to me on IM, and they're kind of sad, (both of them), and I'm feeling really happy. This isn't fun. I want to be happy *with* someone! *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*. I'll be happy with me. That's always nice. I don't mind being the happy one.

From: I can see clearly now (but the rain isn't gone yet)
Date: Tue Sep 29 12:51:07 1998




Date: Wed Sep 30 17:20:32 1998

Shame, shame, shame.

Now I'm so distressed that I forgot what I was going to say.

Oh, well.

I'm happy now. Sort of. Kind of. Hmmm.

Mmmmmmmmmm, this is good cappuchino ice freeze stuff that I made. It's rather yummy.

Moo. What a name for a cat. Geesh. Moo.

Next thing you know, you'll be calling your ... umm ... cows ... "Meow"! Hmmmmm.

From: Squeak (Squeak)
Date: Thu Oct 1 13:16:22 1998

Squeak Squeak Squeak


Moo is a cool name for a cat if it looks like a miniature cow.


From: LUCY (JosRoseLucy@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 1 21:29:39 1998

I feel left out

I haven't been here forEEVEEEER! It's terrible. I feel....just downright sad. Oh well. Nothing to stress out about.

From: Rose (Moo)
Date: Fri Oct 2 14:52:12 1998

I would like to see Moo.

Well, I guess that's all. I just don't understand how a cat can look like a cow, seeing as a cow is slightly larger than a cat. Moo.

From: moo (moo)
Date: Fri Oct 2 16:41:40 1998


Moo looks like a cow, except she has a pink nose, a long tail, only weighs 13 pounds and isn't made of beef.

From: chaz
Date: Fri Oct 2 16:43:23 1998

attn: all vegetarians

If God hadn't intended for people to eat animals, He wouldn't have made them out of meat.

From: Name? (Email?)
Date: Fri Oct 2 23:38:07 1998


Text? J/K. What I think that Charlie *meant* about Moo looking like a cow, was that she (or is it 'he') has the same coloring as a cow. White w/ black. And I agree with the thing about vegetarians. :)

From: Lucy (redicee@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Oct 3 22:28:45 1998


I added something. Go to where it's got my little "profile", and then, where it says "Hanson-obsessee", there should be a link. Click on it. That's what I added. :) The link. and, the site that is linked. :)

From: Guess (You think I'm going to tell you????)
Date: Sun Oct 4 13:46:22 1998


Since a conversation about Moo has been going on, I figured I would join. I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, but I have seen pictures. And she's soooooo cuuuuuuute!!! :) Frasier went to the vet last week. He weighs 16 pounds. But he told us that we are not over feeding him. Go figure!!!

My left arm is having sympathy pains for my right arm.

It's cold. Very cold.

From: Rose (HEE HEE!!)
Date: Sun Oct 4 16:40:30 1998

ROFL!! I love the vegetarian thing.

I think it's cute. Rebecca was a vegetarian. Well, is. And it bugged me. And she wouldn't let me kill bugs. Even nasty little gnats. But I did. And it offended her. Darn. She's gone now, though. I can eat all the meat I want without feeling guilty. That sounds like I felt guilty before. I didn't. I think vegetarians are unbalanced. No offense to anyone that's a vegetarian. Anyway. Bye!

From: chaz
Date: Mon Oct 5 13:51:16 1998


For those of you who are reading this guest book and don't know any of us (yeah, right), Moo is my cat.
Quite right, Miss Zzbbdu. What I *meant* to say, and thought I did say, is that moo looks like a minature cow. She is white with black splotches all over her.
I doubt she still weighs 13 pounds, though. Probably only about 9 or 10 now. We have special slim-fast cat food that squirts through her like mustard. Ok, bad analogy. :-) I accidently stepped on her paw the other day, and she's still pouting.

Hey Josephine, I'm curious. Where did you get that name from? ;)

From: Chaz (oops!)
Date: Mon Oct 5 13:53:15 1998

There's something I forgot to add to the previous message

And I forgot what it was already.

Oh, I remember now. Moo looks soooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute in the pictures I showed Jos because they were taken in those rare moments when Moo feels like being sweet and innocent.

From: Josephine Claire Marie Dawson Parker (I'm not telling)
Date: Mon Oct 5 21:42:27 1998

My wonderful name.

Chaz called me Jos????? ROFL!!!! You're really part of the group now! J/K

Ok, anyways.

First I want to say that if any of you are bored enought to read our Epic Tale, I want you to know that if took me hours to get in a silly mood to write that. And my goal in all the ones I wrote was to insult Hanson as much as possible. So don't think I'm a ditz or anything. Ok?

Yes and my wonderful name. Josephine. It comes from Titanic. When Jack is singing that song "Come Josephine in my flying machine....." And if you would like to know where the rest of my names come from..... well that's another story.

From: moo (moo)
Date: Tue Oct 6 12:21:16 1998



I see the page has been updated a bit. I don't believe that part about Josephine + Ike for a second, though. Moo.

Does ANYBODY know who the mystery person "Zuddz" is? If you do, PLEASE tell me!

From: Chaz
Date: Tue Oct 6 12:24:09 1998

JUST GREAT!! I'm part of the steenking group now. Wonderful. Peachy. Whatever sarcastic comments I will think of but haven't yet. Ducky. Moo.

From: Chaz (bwahahahaaaaaaaa)
Date: Tue Oct 6 12:34:29 1998

This is in response to a message on the cheese site.

Whatever, Lucy. I don't listen to Hanson, I never have, and I hope I never do. So I don't *care* if they have a song called "Lucy." I never did finish that Nouveaux (that's N-O-U-V-E-A-U-X) quote, though. Here's the whole darn thing:

"Took a chance on the end of a rainbow
For the promise of a better life
Met a girl named Lucy on a cloud of snow
With a silver lining
But the sun went away and the night grew cold
And Lucy wore the devil's clothes
I guess I should have heard what my momma told
All that glitters isn't gold"

They have another song that's just too awesome to describe (I feel like quoting things today)

"If a star fell from the sky everytime I thought of you
There would be none
And if the moon would shine all the time you're on my mind
We would never see the day
And I wish it weren't so far away"


From: Josephine (None)
Date: Tue Oct 6 13:57:38 1998


Don't quote those songs!!!!!! I'm going to cry now. *sniff*

From: Rose (Hi.)
Date: Tue Oct 6 15:14:55 1998



I thought I'd share that I attended to half the guestbook. It seems as though I didn't have enough time last night to fix the rest, and I just don't understand these decrepit boat anchor Macintoshes enough to fix the rest of it right now.

But I will, later.

I like songs.

I like singing.

My throat hurts.

I'm sick.

Are we playing lazer tag this Friday? Because I think it's a tremendous idea. And the overnight at Lucy and Julia's house is tremendous, too.

From: Rose (Just for)
Date: Tue Oct 6 15:17:08 1998

the record

I don't know what songs you're talking about. Who sings them? I don't like the Beatles. Did someone say something about the Beatles?

I want to leave. I hate school.

I'm talking too much. I'm being pessamistic. I'm grating on my own nerves. I apologize.

Love, peace, and little green men.

From: Chaz (*sigh*)
Date: Wed Oct 7 12:26:04 1998

Nouveaux is Wonderful

Nouveaux is a christian band that currently has two cds on the market, both of which I have. One is unplugged and the other one is plugged in. I don't know where the Beatles came into this beautiful mess, but they will be dealt with as soon as I find my can of raid. NOUVEAUX IS AWESOME!!!!!!

Oh, the names of the two cds are: Beginnings (plugged in),
and And This is How I Feel (acoustic)
Both are great and every decent person must listen to it and like it.


From: Nouveaux Bandit (Moo)
Date: Wed Oct 7 12:29:33 1998


I see a picture of our nations flag
in the year 2002
Waving there in the poison air
Red, white, black and blue


From: Rose
Date: Wed Oct 7 15:27:38 1998

I really don't understand why we must refer to this great nation in a derogatory fashion. Come ON, I mean, the President's only lied under oath and the morals of the country were found lying drunk in a gutter somewhere! That doesn't mean we must quote/write poems liked that!

No, I'm not bitter.

Actually, I'm not, I'm just bored.


Actually, no. I'm listening to the best song right now.


I think it shall be played at my wedding. I thought I'd share that. Goodbye!

From: Jos
Date: Wed Oct 7 22:26:39 1998

Help! I need sombody... Help! Not just anybody!

The Beatles are cool.

From: ZAHC (Moo)
Date: Thu Oct 8 18:44:48 1998


hello. I am in a good mood right now. I still need to find a munchkin outfit. Nobody likes me. *sniff*
I think I left that can of worms somewhere around here.....

From: Lucy (Hanson)
Date: Thu Oct 8 23:00:24 1998


GEEEEEESH! NO ONE HERE IS A LOSER! CHAZ!!! YOU ARE NOT A LOSER!!! ROSE ISN'T, EITHER!!!! SO THERE. WHY IS THIS STUCK, ON CAPS?? There. It's ok, now. Anyway. No one here is a loser.

From: Josephine (I can't tell you.)
Date: Fri Oct 9 08:35:31 1998

Oh no!

Today is October 9th. I fear for my life.

Although we made it through homecoming week without incident, so I might be safe.

From: Chaz
Date: Fri Oct 9 12:42:52 1998


You don't have to yell, Lucy

From: chaz (I feel better now)
Date: Fri Oct 9 12:47:01 1998

I have a temperature of 97.2 degrees

Does anybody know if that is something to be worried about? I think that since it's off by 1.6 degrees, there might be a problem. Everybody gets excited when temps rise to 100, but that's only 1.4 degrees off. I feel fine, except for a constant headache and chronic tiredness. And occasional mood swings.

From: Moo (uh, no)
Date: Fri Oct 9 12:49:51 1998


Josephine, what's so terrible about October the 9th?
Is someone trying to kill you or something? If so, I recommend an investment in an UZI 9mm. or maybe a GAU-8, but you'd have to mount it on your roof, so the UZI is probably better.

From: Rose
Date: Fri Oct 9 14:57:06 1998

For some reason, whenever I click on something, it makes a chinking noise.

Last night I wrote up a whole entry to this board about different things, but my mom came downstairs and was about to pop a blood vessel, because I was on the internet past nine o'clock, so I clicked out of it.

In the message, it said something about how I knew who, when Jos wrote "Help! I need somebody! Not just anybody!" I knew who that was.

But I won't comment about that today.

I also was wondering about cans of worms, because I don't see any, except maybe the ZUDDZ thing, cough cough.

But I won't comment about that, either.

Basically, no one is a loser, except me. Because I just am.

It's the way you love me, it's a feeling like thiiiiis. It's centrifugal motion, it's perpetual bliss.

I like that song. I have it on single.

I want to see Veggie Tales!!! WAAAAHH!!

From: Josephine (I don't know.)
Date: Sat Oct 10 16:04:40 1998

Oh really?

Well Rose just *thinks* I was referring to a certain someone, but actually that was just the only Beatles song I could remember the words to at that moment.

There is nothing wrong with October 9 or 10. Or homecoming. I have decided that these days are not cursed anymore because I still happen to be breathing and in quite a fine mood.

Headache? Tiredness? Mood swings? I won't even say what that sounds like......

No Chaz you are not going to die with that temperature. My normal temperature is 96.5 Now that is weird. The doctor didn't seem to care though, so I guess it's not life threatening.

From: What (a)
Date: Mon Oct 12 16:29:55 1998


Why were you mopeing around about it being October the 9th then?
I wish I had an airplane.

A big airplane.

With a gun on it.

a really big gun on it.

Maybe two really big guns on it.

Or just one.

A nice seven-barrelled 30mm cannon would be nice.

It has to be fast, too.

Mach two or more.


From: Rose
Date: Tue Oct 13 15:27:16 1998

We're just Huggy people, aren't we Lucy?

Don't be embarrassed, it's all right. :)

I'm assuming that gun statement was from Chaz. Because it's not likely that Jos or Lucy would say that, and I wasn't on the computer when that was written.

Actually, I don't go for guns. Bare hands. That's all you need to cause needless violence.


From: Rose
Date: Tue Oct 13 23:32:24 1998

Important announcement.

I would like to personally apologize about anything that I have may implied in any of these guestbook entries. I apologize for saying anything that was meant to be humorous, but was probably taken the wrong way by more than one of the parties who read these messages.

I further wish to state that if you can't accept my apology, then disregard everything I've said back through about a week or so ago. (Except the vegetarian thing, because I meant that.)

Also, I would like to say, wouldn't it be easier if everyone were psychic? And wouldn't it just be the most awful thing in the world?

With this, I leave you.

From: Rose
Date: Tue Oct 13 23:33:56 1998

Important announcement.

I would like to personally apologize about anything that I have may implied in any of these guestbook entries. I apologize for saying anything that was meant to be humorous, but was probably taken the wrong way by more than one of the parties who read these messages.

I further wish to state that if you can't accept my apology, then disregard everything I've said back through about a week or so ago. (Except the vegetarian thing, because I meant that.)

Also, I would like to say, wouldn't it be easier if everyone were psychic? And wouldn't it just be the most awful thing in the world?

With this, I leave you.

From: Rose
Date: Tue Oct 13 23:37:17 1998

I lied.

I have one more thing to say. Well, two actually. One pertains to the last message.

Think about the psychic thing. Some things we weren't meant to know, and some things we weren't meant to think, and some things just aren't the way they seem, and if you think this applies to you, then it probably does, even if I didn't mean it to.

Secondly, I have a huge secret. Don't tell anyone ...

Iiiiiiiit's ...



From: ChAz
Date: Thu Oct 15 18:47:25 1998

guns, war, violence, and stuff

uh, yeah.

Who is Nathan Detroit?

What I'd do if I had a seven-barreled 30mm cannon is take it squirrel hunting.
Or maybe bunny hunting. :)

From: Rose
Date: Thu Oct 15 19:18:39 1998

WHO is Nathan Detroit?

Well, if you don't know, I don't think I should tell you.

But I will.

He's good old reliable Nathan, Nathan, Nathan Detroit. If the size of your bundle you want to increase, he'll arrange that you go broke in quiet and peace, CAUSE HE'S GOOD OLD RELIABLE NAAAAATHAN, NATHAN, NATHAN, NATHAN, NATHAN DETRROOOIIIIIT.

OK, that's not the way it goes. There are some words in there that I'm forgetting, but exCUSE me. I'm not *in* the musical. I just play the piano ...

From: Henry the 8th (I am, I am!)
Date: Thu Oct 15 20:27:27 1998

I'm gettin' married tothe widow next door.

Oh sakes. Dear Chaz, I think that you should be less violent. I do, I do! Sakes. bah. Well. Isn't that just peachy? I think that it is!!! Anyway. I just think that it is bad to promote violence! If you don't stop with this violence stuff, I'll have to hit you!!!! :)

From: I (Really)
Date: Fri Oct 16 15:07:06 1998


Really, really, really enjoy Jackie Chan movies.

As if everyone doesn't know already.

Oh, wait, everyone doesn't know already. CHAZ, YOU MISSED THE JACKIE CHAN MOVIE!! It was all I could do to sit still.


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