May 29, 1998


After a lovely trip to the Fjords of Norway, Jos, Rose, and Lucy all thought that going back to America for a bit would be nice. They didn't buy anything in Norway. Just some food. MMM. That's good food. So, with a snap of "U.R. Fingers", the trio arrived sfely in New York City, a place that Lucy had always wanted to go.

Hearing about an upcoming Hanson perforformance at Radio City Music hall, Lucy immediately reserved thre front row center tickets. (she could do that since they had endless cash) But, she forgot that Jos didn't like Hanson. That created a problem. So, they made a deal. Jos would go to the concert and pretend that she was enjoying it, and then Lucy would go to where ever Jos wanted to go next and for as long as Jos wanted.

Two nights before the concert, Rose and Jos went out to get some food while Lucy stayed at the hotel and watched old Grammy re-runs. While they were out, Rose noticed this thing where you could win backstage passes to the Hanson concert. So, with Lucy in mind, she signed up for the drawing. Then, to Jos she said, "Sheesh. Just look at the chances. One in 289,984. Like we're going to win. Jos, don't tell Lucy that I did this. Just in case we don't win."

Arriving back at the hotel, Jos and Rose found Lucy laying on one of the beds in tears. When they asked what was wrong, thinking that maybe the Hanson concert had gotten cancelled, they got the reply, "Hanson..*sob*...didn't *sniff**snort*......a Grammy!!!!!" I hate Jamaroqui. And Shawn Colvin. And Paula Cole." Then, trying not to laugh, Rose replied, "Uh, Luc, these awards took place in March of 1998. You've got them on tape. You know they've lost. You've seen them loose 50 times, at least." At this time, Jos had left the room because she couldn't breathe since she was laughing so hard. Then, Lucy said, "Well, it just didn't have the effect that it did this time. This time, they hired people, like commentaters to mock the non-winners." (she said this, not wanting to call Hanson "losers") All Rose could say was "Oh."

Once Jos and Lucy regained their composure, they all sat down to a meal of New York Style Pizza. (it was cold by now, but, it still tasted ok)

After the pizza, they all went to bed. (man, that room with 3 beds was *EXPENSIVE*!) :)

The next morning, they all went out for a walk. Lucy decided that Rose and Jos could walk, but she's rather rollerblade. She was too excited about the concert to walk. By this time Rose had forgotten about the backstage passes. Jos remembered, but had prayed that they wouldn't win, because then she'd have to talk to Hanson. Then, as they walked past the place where Rose signed up, this guy ran out yelling "YOU WON!!!!! YOU WON!!!!!!" Lucy looked at him as if he just said, "INFLATION IS AFFECTING THE PRICE OF TISSUE PAPER!" Then, she said, "Uh, sir, we didn't sign up for anything." Then, Jos got a weird look on her face and said, "Ummm, Luc, we did. Yesterday, when you were at the hotel. Rose and I did something fo ya....we signed up to win backstage passes to the Hanson concert. And, I guess we won 'em." At this point, Rose and Jos were ready to run because they knew that Lucy's reaction wouldn't be calm. So, just as expected..."YOU DID *WHAT*?????? WE ACTUALLY WON?!?!?!???!" Then, there was the little "celebration dance" that totally humilated Rose and Jos. But then, they remembered that no one would remember them once they were gone. So, they just laughed. After confirming that they were the winners, the guy gave them their backstage passes and then gave them explicit instructions on how to find Hanson. "Just follow the'll find 'em."

That day, Jos thought it might be good if they went somewhere before the concert. Like, say, Italy. After all, they *were* a bit hungry, and they all agreed that pasta sounded good for lunch. So, with a snap of the fingers, they were off to Italy.

Good food. Although, they had a bit of a problem. They snapped their fingers on the way back to the hotel, and so Luc hadn't gotten a chence to put shoes on. She still had the rollerblades. So, while Rose and Jos went into all the botique stores with out Lucy, Lucy just stood outside saying, "I can't belive it. I can't belive it. I can't belive it. I want tomorrow. I want tomorrow." and she said this several hundred times, while Rose and Jos went into the stores. Well, after shopping, they all went to the coast. Luc was greatful because she could be barefoot and take off her rollerblades. Jos and Rose liked the scenery. After all, it was Italy, and it was the beach...and best was sunset. :) It was breathtaking. Then, they remembered, (well, Lucy kept telling them) that they had to get back to NYC so they could get a good nights sleep and then be rested for the concert. Part of the deal was, you'd get to spend all day until the concert with Hanson. (man, aren't we lucky that Jos always reads the fine print? She wasn't too thrilled, though.)

Anyway. Back to NYC. But, when they got there, they noticed that it was only supper time, not past sunset. Oops. Yeah. Time zones. Hmmm....we forgot about those. Oh well. So, they decided to go to "MiB...part 2." It was rather enjoyable. No snacky spills at this movie.

After the movie, the trio all went back to the hotel where they ordered some room service. So, they all discussed the plans for tomorrow over hamburgers and the "Totally Hanson tv network" (on mute, sadly).

That night, no one slept well. Rose was thinking about how they could figure out the time zones easier, Jos was thinking about what she'd say to Hanson, because she couldn't lie and say, "Yeah, I LOOOOOOVE your music." and "hi" seemed to dull, and Lucy was trying to fugure out what the signifigance of helieum was to the average human being.

So, in the morning, after trying on about 6 outfits a peice, Jos, Rose, and Lucy all headed off to Radio City music hall, where they were supposed to meet Hanson. Once they got there, the security guard wouldn't let them in because he "wasn't aware of such things as backstge passes" and, then, Lucy started to get a bit violent. She tried sneaking past him. No luck. Then, after an hour or so of Lucy looking for another entrance and Jos and Rose saying "Lucy, just give up!" Lucy finally did give up her search for another entrance. She marched up to the security guard and yelled as loud as she could, "NOW LOOK HERE, MISTER...I'VE GOT THESE PASSES THAT MY FREIND WON, AND THEY SAY THAT I CAN COME INTO THIS PLACE, MEET HANSON, AND SPEND THE DAY WITH THEM...NOW, EITHER YOU LET ME IN, OR I'LL BREAK IN." At this point, Rose and Jos were asking everyone who passed by if they happened to have a straight jacket. Then, like magic, from inside of RCMH, while doing sound tests, Ike heard shouting. He was going to go check it out. Zac was like, "C'mon, Ike! You know that it's just a freak who either wants to hug us or kill us. Just ignore it. It's probably aliens." Taylor was like, "Ike, maybe your a schitzo" (is that the right word?) Then, they heard "...I've got these passes..." "Aliens, huh?" asked Ike. So, the three of them went up to the main entrance and saw three girls outside of the door, two looked embarassed, and one looked extremely mad. So, they stepped outside and said, "Uh, officer, is there a probelem?" "Yes," replied the officer, "These three girls claim to have passes to your concert. And they even think that they're going to spend the day with you." So, Tay took a look at the "passes" and said, "Oh...uh...yeah...this, yeah. Let 'em in." So, rather annoyed, the guard guy let them in. Actually, Taylor wasn't aware of any contest to win any backstage passes, but he pretended that he did, because the girl who looked mad earlier looked like she was almost in tears now.

Well. Once inside of RCMH, they all sat dow and tried to figure things out. Taylor divulged the fact that he wasn't aware of any drawing to win passes, but he just didn't want to create a scene. So, Lucy, at this point was like, "You mean, these aren't real passes? Oh gosh!!! That means, we're kinda like invading, almost, right? Maybe we should go. Sorry to disturb you." Then, Ike said, "No, wait. That's ok. We were done with the sound testing. And, we aren't doing anything all day, so, it's ok if you stay. We were actually wondering what we'd spend the rest of the day doing." Lucy almost started to cry out of sheer joy. Rose was thinking, "Is this good or bad?" And Jos just sat there thinking, "Wow. Ike has lovely brown eyes. And a lovely smile, too."

After rollerblading, chatting, shopping a bit, and going out to eat, the six people returned to RCMH about 2 hours before showtime. Jos and Isaac had gotten along rather well all day, although Jos shyly admitted to him that she'd never listened to any of their cd's in it's entirety, even when Lucy painfully let her borrow it for 3 days. Ike, being the loving person that he is, said that *mmaaaayyyybe* he could forgive her. Of course, he did right away. (not that he cared in the first place...) Rose and Zac got along very well. They're both a bit wacky (no offense, Rose...I temd to be a bit wacked) so, they blended nicely. And Lucy and Taylor....should I even bother stating the obvious? They were like...uh...*creamy* peanut butter and grape jelly. Perfect.

Then, Lucy started acting sad. Tay couldn't figure out why, either. Lucy was like, "I'm sorry. But I can't tell you. I'd like to, but "Dave" gave us limits." Taylor was confused. Then, Lucy hoping to clear things up, went and talked to Rose and Jos. "Guys, " she said, "This is so sad. I mean, this day was perfect. Well, except for the security guy. I mean, this was a dream day for me. But, when the concert is over (which hadn't even *started*) it'll be the last time that we get to see these guys. 'Cuz I *know* that you guys aren't going to let me be Hanson's groupie for the next 5, guys, do something. Please. Taylor already thinks that it's his fault. I mean, that I'm a *wee* bit sad. So, do someting. I beg you. And the worst thing is, After the concert, Ike, Tay, and Zac won't even remember us. That's one of the rules. People won't remember you"

At this point, Lucy was crying a bit. Ike, Tay, and Zac were wondering what in the heck was going on. So... Rose stood up, took a deep breath, and said ...

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