August 25, 1998


Now, before anyone could think of an answer to the horrid question "where to now?", they were taken back to the weird place where "Dave" lived. Confusing, I tell you! Anyway. They were taken into a conference room where Dave was sitting at the head of the table. He motioned for them all to sit down. They did. He cleared his throat, "As you know, this, that you've recieved is absolutely AMAZING. Well," he coughed, "it's been upgraded.

"Upgraded??!!?" Shouted Rose. "How can you update something like this? THis is SOOOOOO COOL! What are you gonna do....give us more time? Let us keep more souveniers?"

"Well," said Dave, "Partly. We had a genius come and join our 'force' and so now you can each keep 5 things. But, that's not why I called you here."

"Quit stalling," said Lucy, "What is 'oh-so-wonderful'? I'd like to know. Sorry if I seem rude.........Well, not really *that* sorry."

"I'm getting to the good stuff." Replied Dave, slightly defensively. "Just listen. Previously, I was the only one working on this project. I didn't even know if it would work. So, I selceted a few folks that would be used to see if this really worked."


"Josephine. Calm down. Just let Dave explain." said Taylor, alarmingly calm.

Jos glared at Taylor as she though, "I hate that kid. I really, really hate him. How can I be calm when I just found at that I'm a *guinea pig* for goodness sakes?"

"Anyway...." continued Dave, "I do apologise for not telling you tht we weren't sure if this worked. I'm sorry. Moving on....I'd like to tell you about the upgrade. Now, you can travel not only from place to place, but also from time to time."

"AAAAAAWWESOOOOOOME!" Cried Zac. "NOOOOOOOOW we can STOP all the wars from happening, and we can *discover* Victoria's Falls, and we can--"

"ZAC!" Yelled Rose, "You wouldn't be able to do that. That would have serious affects on the rest of time, y'know."

"Exactly." Said Dave. "You see, although you can travel from place to place, and now, time to time, you cannot change events that happened. Even if you try, it won't work. Time will go on, just like in the history books. You can't change that. All you can do is witness the events. You'll be able to experience life like it actually happened at that time period. And, Zac, even if you do happen to discover Victoria's Falls before the day that Dr. Livingstone (he was the discoverer, wasn't he???) discovered it, it won't matter. YOu won't be able to tell anyone. It is Dr. Livingstones "job" in history to discover that. Not Zac Hanson's job. Your job is to be a drummer and to go on this fun little journey through time. OK? OK. Now at this point......"

No one was listening. everyone was thinking about where, er, when they could go. It was so cool. None of them had ever imagined this. It was waaaaaay tooooooo coooooool!

"AHEEEEEM!" Dave cleared his throat, a wee bit exaggerated, "I think I need to let you know some basic things."

"Time travel: 101...yeh, that's not something that you take every day." Said Isaac, "Basic things about time travel......I'm sure. This is beyond basic. This is seriously complex."

"Moving on...." said, Dave, slightly aggrivated, "Just like before, no one will remember you once you've left. And like the travel of place to place, time travel just takes a snap of U.R. Fingers. And like I mentioned earlier, you will now be able to have *5* souveniers. Speaking of which, have any of you selected any souveniers, yet?"

"I've got some moon dust." said Taylor.

"Wow. That's great!" said Dave

"And I've got a roll of film with pictures of us on Abbey Road, in Paris, and on the moon." said Lucy.

"On the moon? Well, I see that you've taken full advantage of the travel thing." smirked Dave. "OK. Are there any questions....?"

"Yes," said Taylor, "Will we get any extra time?"

"No. You've still got over 3 shouldn't be worried."

"Another thing, will we be able to, like, watch ourselves, when we were little?"

"You bet!" laughed Dave, "should be fun, eh?"

"One last question. Can we go into the future?"

"Well," Dave squirmed nervously, "We think so. It's never actually been tested. So, if you decide to go into the future, I'd be careful. It might end up that you'd go into the future, and be stuck there. It's pretty risky. I would not advise that you try it. Although, now that I've told you not to, I'm guessing that you might."

"More than likely," said Lucy, "Now, is that all? I mean, just *snap* and *poof* "Middle Ages" or whenever?"

"yes." Dave replied. Just like that.

"Cool!" said Lucy. "Now, where do we want to go to? Or, excuse me, *when* do we want to go to?"

"How about.......wait a sec. You know the time that the 6 of us have been traveling? Well, that *time* doesn't really exist, in a weird way. Will we be able to go and watch ourselves skiing in Sweden or whatever?" asked Josephine.

"Well, like future traveling, it's not yet been tested. We believe so," said Dave, "and I don't see any reason why not, after all, that time did exist to you 6, so, I'm going to say yes."

"You're going to *say* yes?" asked Rose, "What if we go to our spot in Sweden, and NEVER return?"

"Then, well, I hope you get good at skiing!" Smirked Dave.

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