This is some random stuff. Maybe pictures of me, Pictures of stuff that I like...It's all here. :)

This is Rebecca St. James. Her music really has challenged me, and the unity and Passion for God that she and her family has is just so incredible! Go see her website!!!

This is LaRue. They are an AWESOME band!!! YAAAAY!

THIS! Is me (on the right), Jessie, (on the left) and PETER FURLER! He's the lead singer of the Newsboys! They're groovy dudes. It was cool to meet him, even if we *didn't* get his socks... LOL! :)

This is a friend of mine. You know this, because of the yellow on the side. :) *hahaha* (Sorry, Dave. I had to!)

And finally. Ah, memories. This is Garfunkle. He is our Lazer Tag Mascot. If you are able to identify WHAT kind of animal he is, please, Email me!!! Well. That's nice. Maybe I'll get more stuff up here as time goes on. :)