JosRoseLucy. This site is mine with 2 of my buds. :)

Agent Wonderbra's site. Um...he's not gay. He's just a cross-dressing, makeup-wearing...chap. :)

Dave's page. He's a friend of mine. Yes. Check out the smashing picture page.

Al's site. He's another friend of mine. Very groovy.

Dagubew Bandit's domain. Oooooh, it's exciting. (*DO NOT PET THE PHONOGRAPH!!!)

FREE CHEESE FOR AMERICA!!! This is a ... statement sort of site. My friend and I went batty over paying too much for cheese one time, and this is what was born from that experience. It's enlightening. If you are looking for a pointless cause to join, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Teen Mania Ministries. These are the people that I am going to El Salvador with!!!