Welcome to my world!!!

Welcome to my page, guys and girls! So is everyone doing well? I certainly hope so!!!

BTW...I'm Smith. Although, you may call me Miss Panda, or Dot, or Lucy, or Crap, or whatever hits your fancy! I shall (eventually) get a little "bio" about me. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just let you look at my site, and get an idea about me ... hmmm ... that's not too bad of an idea!! :)

I really don't have too much up right now, but I shall update my site when something exciting happens, or I have something to put up here, or I'm bored (the third option is most likely).

Click here to read my journal from the mission trip I went on this summer to El Salvador!!! I went from July 20th-August 3rd. Not all of my journal is in here, because some of it is sort of personal... But anyways...here is a LOT from my trip. :) Enjoy! :)

WANNA SEE SOME STUFF???Click here to see some random stuff. Yay....! :)

All though there is not a lot up on my site quite yet, THERE WILL BE!!! Soon enough. I promise. Ah, yes. I'm planning on my site being rather ... eclectic. A bit 'o' this, a bit 'o' that. Good times.

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